Bringing the Blues Back Home

Nick Steed Band

Nick Steed, keyboard guru with fusioneers Optimystik Visionaries, is moving from jazz into the world of the blues with a new EP and a four piece band.

Nick plays Hammond Organ and Piano and does the singing – he is joined by Optimysik Visionaries band mates Nick Waddacar on Guitar, and John Sandham on the bass. 10cc, Jethro Tull, Chris Farlowe and Norman Beaker Band stalwart Paul Burgess in on the drums.

Nick has written all the material, and is continuing to develop new tunes with a full album planned for December.

The four piece are aiming for festival slots and European gigs in the near future.

Nick has also  been working recently with the Norman Beaker band, and has just finished a tour of Austria and Germany with them.

Nick has also been playing with Louisiana Blues singer/guitarist Larry Garner.

More information on Nick’s website at

Tracks from the EP will be featured on the Aural Delights Podcast in a couple of weeks. The EP will be available on I-Tunes

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