Aural Delights Podcast 47

Mostly new and unsigned material this time around – with the occasional classic track thrown into the mix

  1. High Horses – Intro
  2. Exchange – Skyline (Radio Mix)
  3. Amber Dee – Hold You
  4. Boxhead and Gloves – Aah
  5. The Dames – English Life
  6. Lucy Ward – I cannot say I will not speak
  7. The Julie Ruin – Oh Come On
  8. Public Service Broadcasting – Night Mail (Radio Edit)
  9. Depo – Driving Rain
  10. Andy Leek – Beloved
  11. Pokey Le Farge & The South City Three – Sweet Seventeen
  12. Amber Dee – I Don’t Need This Now
  13. Boxhead and Gloves – Try
  14. High Horses – A Thousand Eyes
  15. Flies on You – Josephine (Single Edit)
  16. Ill – Kremlin
  17. The Deadline Shakes – Bright Spot In A Bad Year
  18. Peter Hammill – Four Pails
  19. Andy Leek – Forgive Me
  20. Boxhead and Gloves – Shout Without
  21. Shane Kenny – Threw It All Away
  22. Blue Orchids – Release
  23. Amber Dee – Ocean
  24. Boxhead and Gloves – Up
  25. High Horses – Hours
  26. Flies on You – Josephine (Rough as a dockers chin remix)
  27. The Dames – Junktime
  28. Boxhead and Gloves – All The People
  29. Crystal Fighters – You and I (Molo Remix)
  30. High Horses – Take It Away
  31. Amber Dee – Written
  32. Boxhead and Gloves – Stop Now
  33. Andy Leek – Natalie
  34. Flies On You – Josephine (Hell’s Bells Remix)
  35. Exchange – XR3
  36. High Horses – In Colour And Grey
  37. Moff Skellington – Another Myoclonic Jerk
  38. Fall Fan Dave and the Laptop Dancers – Mondegreen
  39. Pinkunoisu – Pyromancer
  40. Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band – Candle Mambo

As usual you can stream the show from Mixcloud

Notes in respect of the music played

  1. They used to be The Wailer Pilot Study – who I featured some time back – they have changed their name to High Horses. This is from their Hours EP which you can stream online. They will be playing at TV21 in the Northern Quarter, Mancheser at 18:45 on Saturday 5th October.The chaps are also playing the  Video Premier of  “Sherbet” by Suzuki Method at The Black Lion on Saturday 12th October. There are some free VIP tickets left for the event, bit it will be small & intimate so get them fast!—Sherbet-Music-Video-screening-Party/11982348/
  2. Forthcoming single from Mike and Jed – out on 14th October. Catch them headlining at the Kings Arms, Salford on 11th October with The Bluebottle Veins and Frankie J.
  3. Bath based singer -songwriter who released the EP “About Time” in June.
  4. Stan and Martin from Da Mutts with a new concept album called “Soldier”.
  5. From the recent released eponymous album – which I think is rather excellent!
  6. From her recently released second album “Single Flame”
  7. From the new album “Run Fast”
  8. Another single from PSB……
  9. Mike from Exchange and his solo project. Mike says “It’s a solo project I’ve been beavering away on for the past few months in spare time found away from Exchange and Kit B… the plan is to put out a free download of this track ahead of a free album release on Bandcamp later in the year. The music is quite minimal, there are some darker tracks and some slightly more upbeat ones… this one is one of the more accessible ones…”
  10. One of the original members of Dexys Midnight Runners. Following the success of his first two albums ‘Waking Up The World’ and ‘Say Something’, Andy has unveiled a new three-track sampler from his long planned double album ‘From Icarus To Phoenix’.
  11. We can’t get enough of Pokey around here…..from the “Marmalade” album.
  12. as 3.
  13. as 4.
  14. as 1.
  15. As trailed last week this is the lead track from the huge EP from the Leeds duo – grab it here
  16. New single from the excellent Manchester band – available from Bandcamp – via Valentine Records –
  17. ‘Bright Spot in a Bad Year’ is The Deadline Shakes’ new single. 2013 had quite a few bright spots for the band. They played a live BBC Introducing session with Vic Galloway. They played at some great Scottish festivals like Go North, Wickerman and Kelburn Garden Party. They picked up radio support from Steve Lamacq, Tom Robinson, Jim Gellatly, Roddy Hart and loads of stations across the globe. Artrocker, The List and Daily Record featured the band. Written and produced by Greg Dingwall, ‘Bright Spot in a Bad Year’ is out 9th December on Glasgow based label Flowers In The Dustbin, available from itunes and all major digital stores.
  18. One of Mr Hammills most endearing composition – excellent lyrics – from the “Skin” album.
  19. As 10.
  20. as 4.
  21. A new single from Shane.
  22. From the “Agents of Change” EP.
  23. as 3.
  24. as 4.
  25. as 1.
  26. as 15.
  27. as 5.
  28. as 4.
  29. Following international success of Crystal Fighters release “You and I” which has amassed millions of views worldwide, up and coming electronic duo MOLO were asked to remix the release which went public a few weeks ago. Since then the duo have picked up a vast amount of hype for their interesting take on the track. MOLO is the brainchild of French-Portuguese, “Photomatic” and North American, “Super class”.

  30. as 1.
  31. as 3.
  32. as 4.
  33. as 10.
  34. as 15.
  35. as 2.
  36. as 1.
  37. From the new album “Skegness”
  38. From the forthcoming album “Beat on the Moans”
  39. From the recent release “The Drop”
  40. From “Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)”
Amber Dee
Amber Dee

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