Aural Delights Podcast 50

So a bit of a milestone with 49 editions now upped and still available to listen to via Mixcloud.

I wasn’t sure when I left the radio station how long this would last, and never one to stay on one thing for too long it may be that there will be shift in direction soon.

All that being said it’s been good to share this music with the world…..there does not seem to be a plethora of outlets for good quality independant music so i’ll be ploughing that particular furrow for a little longer.

But how to celebrate this achievement?

Well what I did was to invite a selected group of musicians and DJs to select a track which had influenced them over the years – and together with that selection I am picking one the musicians/groups tracks and one for the DJ I think they will like.

In some instances the variations and choices get a bit out of sync with that general rule but mostly one band gets a pair of tracks each – I do explain the variations during the show.

Bit of an epic this one lasting well over four hours…..but I think you will find the variety of choices entertaining and in some instances surprising. There are 59 tracks which seemed liked a nice round number at this point in my life…….

The playlist is:

  1. The Go-Betweeens – Batchelor Kisses
  2. Henry Cow – War
  3. The Fall – I Feel Voxish
  4. Tupac – How Do You Want It
  5. Dave Graney & The Coral Snakes – You Wanna Be There But You Don’t Wanna Travel
  6. Can – Halleluwah
  7. Pearl Divers – Angel In New York
  8. New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle
  9. The Junta – Eat My Dust
  10. Al Green – Let’s Stay Together
  11. Bruce Springsteen – Land of Hope and Dreams
  12. Blue Nile – Tinseltown In The Rain
  13. Positronik – Don’t Come Cryin’
  14. The Dickies – Fan Mail
  15. Rudimentary Peni – Teenage Time Killer
  16. Flies On You – Slashing It Down
  17. Donna Summer – I Feel Love
  18. Exchange – Skyline
  19. Fire – Father’s Name Is Dad
  20. The Planets – Evil Dead
  21. Frog – Witch
  22. Devo – Going Under
  23. Swell Maps – Let’s Build A Car
  24. Monkeys In Love – Oh Judy!
  25. Iggy and The Stooges – Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell
  26. Luis Drayton and the Glamourpussies – Kill The Stars
  27. John Frusciante – Ramparts
  28. Kill Pretty – Limboland (Passage of Time Remix)
  29. Liaisons Dangereuses – Mystere Dans Les Brouillard
  30. Tingle In The Netherlands – Astronaut Love Triangle
  31. New York Dolls – Frankenstien
  32. Sinister Chuckles – Big Banana Song
  33. Plastic Ono Band – Don’t Worry Kyoto
  34. The Hamsters – Televisionitis
  35. Simon and Garfunkel – Homeward Bound
  36. Silver Sound Explosion – Kicks
  37. Sparks – This Town Aint Big Enough For Both Of Us
  38. Cryin’ Queerwolf – Handbag
  39. Talking Heads – Road to Nowhere
  40. Dusty Moonan – Our Bridge To Nowhere
  41. Television – Little Johnny Jewel
  42. Factory Star – Weird World
  43. This Heat – Paper Hats
  44. Rapid Pig – Super Jura
  45. The Smiths – Rubber Ring
  46. Factory Acts – Animal Spirits
  47. The Jam – Down In The Tube Station At Midnight
  48. ZX+ – Waking Up In An Old Rover Car
  49. Therapy – Innocent X
  50. The Ascension – Drowning In The Drought
  51. Anthony and the Johnsons – Cut The World
  52. Periscope – Sunday Morning
  53.  Dub Sex – Swerve
  54. Kit B – Hulmenoid
  55. Mothmen – Does It Matter Irene?
  56. Moff Skellington – The Seaside at Christmas
  57. The Clash – White Riot
  58. Miss Lucid – Hollow
  59. Captain Beefheat – Big Eyed Beans from Venus

You can listen to the show on Mixcloud

And the role of honour is

1. My opening selection

2/3.  Jon Coupe

4/5.  Dave Graney

6/7.  MikeLeigh – Kill Pretty

8/9. Monty -Salford City Radio DJ, The Junta, Kit B, Positronik

10/11. Stephen Doyle – Salford City Radio DJ

12/13. Jeff Black – Postronik

14/15/16 – Andy Watkins and Doug Aikman – Flies On You.

17/18 – Jed Stephens and Mike Powell – Exchange.

19/20 – Tony Thornborough – Salford City Radio DJ NS  promoter

21/22/23/24 – Steve, Laura and Murph from Monkeys In Love

25/26 – Luis Drayton –

27/28 – Josh Dutton -Kill Pretty

29/30 – Helen and Owen of Tingle in the Netherlands

31/32 – Shaun Ali Bongo Maxwell of Taser Puppets and Sinister Chuckles and The Glamourpussies.

33/34 – Ian Moss – Kill Pretty

35/36 – Chris Dutton – Kill Pretty, Blue Orchids, Factory Star, Silver Sound Explosion

37/38 – Cryin’ Queerwolf

39/40 – Dusty Moonan

41/42 – Martin Bramah –  Factory Star, Blue Orchids

43/44 – John Paul Moran –  Factory Star, Blue Orchids, Rapid Pig

45/46 – Matt and Susan – Factory Acts –

47/48 – Stephen Evans – ZX+

49/50 – Neil and Doug of The Ascension

51/52 – Periscope

53/54 – Danny Cusick – Kit B

55/56 – Moff Skellington aka Andy Quayle

57/58 – Ciarin of Miss Lucid

59 – And to close ……. something that sums it all up really… men let your wallets flop out and women open your purses cos a man or a woman without some Aural Delight is suffering from the worsest of curses……

Four Horsemen


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