Sonic Attack Podcast 25

The usual selection of new tracks from forthcoming or recent releases…..

  1. Mutoid Man – Gnarcissist
  2. Corrections House – Serve or Survive
  3. Hills – Rise Again
  4. Red Fang – Blood Like Cream
  5. Revocation – Invidious
  6. Mutoid Man – Scrape the Walls
  7. Corrections House – Bullets and Graves
  8. Hills – Bring Me Sand
  9. Toxic Holocaust – Awaken the Serpent
  10. Windhand – Orchard
  11. Corrections House – Hallows of the Stream
  12. Mutoid Man – Sacriledge
  13. Exhumed – Necrocracy
  14. Corrections House – Dirt Poor and Mentally Ill

Tracks 1,6, and 12 are from the forthcoming Mutoid Man album “Helium Head”. Helium Head will see digital release on November 22nd followed by its CD and LP manifestations — the wax in three different color schemes — on Friday, November 29th.

Tracks 2, 7, 11 and 14 are from the new Corrections House album Last City Zero which I reviewed here.

Tracks 3 and 8 are from the Hills 2011 album Master Sleeps

The remaining tracks are from the Relapse Sampler 2013 which I shall be featuring over the next few weeks…..”the best in death metal, sludge, doom, ambient, grindcore and more from extreme music’s finest bands!”

Listen to the show on Mixcloud

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