World of Jazz Podcast 40 – The A-Z of Jazz Part 1 “A”

This week I start a series of shows called “The A-Z of Jazz” with the A’s…..a random selection of tracks from my collection offering some of the more obscure jazz artists mixed in with the better known faces……

  1. Muhal Richard Abrams feat Amina Claudia Myers – One For Peggy
  2. Cannonball Adderley – Stars Fell On Alabama
  3. Nat Adderley – Just A Quickie
  4. Air – Through a Keyhole Darkly
  5. Geri Allen – Home
  6. Ralph Alessi and Fred Hersch – The Cadence They Create
  7. Franck Amsallem – On Your Own
  8. Curtis Amy – If I Were A Bell
  9. Arild Andersen – Ulrika’s Dans
  10. Mulatu Astakte – Boogaloo

You can hear the music on Mixcloud

The sources of the music:

  1. Duet
  2. Cannonball and Coltrane
  3. Don’t Look Back
  4. Air Raid
  5. Segments
  6. Only Many
  7. Out A Day
  8. Mosaic Select
  9. Celebration
  10. Mulatu Steps Ahed


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