Aural Delights Podcast 51

As I was preparing the podcast the sad news about Lou Reed came through – so I include a few songs that I most associate with him from two of my favourite albums.

Normally I would make the show about 150 minutes but in this case it is just under 180 so as to include the tribute.

The bill of fayre for this podcast is:

  1. The Velvet Underground – Sister Ray
  2. Beach Skulls – Meet Me At The Beach House
  3. Pixies – Andro Queen
  4. Robin Romei – We Are The Underdogs
  5. Pocket Satellite – Diamonds & Hearts
  6. Kit B – Binary
  7. Hot Vestry – Commiserations
  8. All Is Beta – Born To Disappear
  9. Rise – Call to Bring Her Home
  10. Satellite Stories – Campfire
  11. Lou Reed – Satellite of Love
  12. Pocket Satellite – This Town
  13. WithiN – You Alone
  14. Staggs – The 13th Hour
  15. Ubertino – Pow
  16. Nevada Greene – Of Wind Or Vertigo
  17. Beach Skulls – The Brooklyn Jive
  18. The Velvet Underground – Here She Comes Now
  19. Fall Fan Dave And The Laptop Dancers – One Man’s Superhero Is Another Man’s Crutch
  20. Fall Fan Dave And The Laptop Dancers – On Yer Sagan, Lennin and Marx
  21. Van Der Graaf Generator – Ship Of Fools
  22. Half Man Half Biscuit – Bob Wilson Anchorman
  23. Dave Graney – Excerpts from Point Blank Part One
  24. The Cramps – The Way I Walk
  25. Robin Romei – Effy
  26. All Is Beta – Microscopic
  27. Nevada Greene – Across Our Wide Misery
  28. Sinister Chuckles – Mono Brow
  29. Staggs – Wicked Staggs
  30. The Dames – Canyon
  31. Pocket Satellite – Astronaut For A Day
  32. Dave Graney – Excerpts from Point Blank Part Two
  33. All Is Beta – Tongue Tied
  34. Circle of Reason – Home
  35. Moff  Skellington – There’s Nothing Like A Nice Sit Down
  36. The Dexateens – Do The Crawl
  37. The Velvet Underground – White Light White Heat
  38. Lou Reed – Goodnight Ladies

As usual you can stream the show from Mixcloud.

Further Information………………………………….


Merseyside based surf pop duo with an eye for melody – catch them at Bandcamp



Clearly regarding no introduction from me – from the recent EP.

Mr. S Archer of Salford guests on bass on this.


Fresh off his U.K tour ROBIN ROMEI is a multi talented musician from South East England, UK releasing his second single entitled EFFY / (WE ARE) THE UNDERDOGS available worldwide on the 25th November 2013. ROBIN ROMEI has previously toured Europe and the U.S at events at Hollywood’s prestigious Whiskey a Go Go and Tramlines Festival. Adrian Hall who has worked for labels such as Sony’s EMI, Universal and Atlantic Records engineered this release along with previous artists such as The Clash, Alicia Keys and Leftfield. EFFY / (WE ARE) THE UNDERDOGS was also mastered at the infamous Metropolis Recording Studios.

ROBIN ROMEI composes and arranges all of his songs and performs live with an electric backdrop of virtuoso musicians. ROBIN’s sound draws influence from David Bowie affecting a cool, slightly dissonant vocal style that grabs your attention. Driven by an entirely deeper dynamic than most pop artists, ROBIN ROMEI inhabits a very special world of extraordinary sounds and endless vision. His songs are primarily buoyant fast spaced drawing influence from a vast array of Rock and Electronic artists ranging from the ‘Grand farther of EDM’ Depeche Mode to The Cure and The Jam. EFFY / (WE ARE) UNDERDOGS were both recorded at the top line Premises Studios in London where the likes of Lilly Allen, Amy Winehouse, Adele and the Artic Monkey’s have chosen to perfect their sound.

ROBIN ROMEI was dubbed a Myspace Sensation with over 100,000 fans, half a million plays and being placed in their Top Unsigned Artist List in 2008. Coincidently ROBIN ROMEI is now known as the Champion of the Underdogs and continues to reconnoiter an assembly of expressive leitmotifs focused on British life in a powerful and catchy pop formula. Not to mention ROBIN is well known in the South Coast for his live show appearances and is much becoming a house hold name in the Brighton concert scene. ROBIN ROMEI will be performing live at a record release party at the prestigious Proud, Galleries in Camden in November to celebrate this release in and he has another U.K tour in the pipeline which is due to be announced.


Sheffield’s POCKET SATELLITE consists of  Maya, Carl, Rich, Tom, and  Ruth, fifteen instruments and their unique trademark red balloons, making their mark at all of their live shows.

The tracks on the show are from their new EP “8 Bit Me” which is released on 18th November







Kit B - they are actually quite cheery chaps in the flesh.......
Kit B – they are actually quite cheery chaps in the flesh…….

One of the many tracks sent my way over the last year and bit. Hoepfully there will be a release soon. Mr Cusick and his band of ne’er do wells are at the Shedhead do at the MRO Rooms at Ducie Bridge on 2nd November, along with Rev Porl and the Voice of God, Simon Bennett and




All Is Beta is the writing and production arm of southwest London’s Helix Music – an independent pop music singles label which started its roster in 2010 with the London/Oslo quirky indie band missdavinalee.

All Is Beta was started as an act in its own right in late 2011. “Theatrical Pop. With a bit of electro. And the odd guitar. And singers.”

Find them on the Book of Face here


Building on the success of their recent ‘Campfire’ single, ‘Lights Go Low’ is the latest track from the much talked about Finnish indie quartet Satellite Stories.

The second track to be released from their sophomore LP ‘Pine Trails’ the band have also announced a lengthy tour, kicking off February 2014.

See here for my review of the album.


The band play Tiger Lounge, Manchester on Saturday November 9th with guests Apache Tears.

Tickets for this show are on sale now at:

Rise Gig Poster


Someone called Seth Leppard pointed these lads in my direction.

Formed in college, Manchester born and bred band WITHIN are bursting onto the scene with what can only be described as ‘ROCKCHESTER’. Combining melodic rhythm and lead from Chris Buckley on guitar, spectacular gut punching bass from Adam Ogiliev, Chris Loftus providing solid drums and an intense mixture of rock vocal work from Danny Marland supported by the truly awesome Bethany Heywood. WITHIN are the band that will keep you rocking all night long.

Playing to a plethora of venues and festivals including; The HMV Ritz, Manchester Academy, the Future Perfect Festival and Bankswood Music Festival, WITHIN are set to take the music scene by storm. They are currently in the process of recording their first EP featuring their most popular tracks including: ‘You Alone’, ‘Mirrorball’ and ‘Wait Long’.


The newest EP from the mighty Staggs is called “Mother Natures Bastard Sons” and is up to the usual standards of excellence. Grab it at Bandcamp.

Staggs are Paul Ridley (Leeds) and Michael T Scott (London)……..”Creative oddball DIY alt-hop, with a punk attitude and an oblique point to make”.


Also responsible, like myself, for one of the remixes on the recent Flies On You “Josephine” EP I am featuring his take on the recently concluded “Breaking Bad” – a programme I have never watched but I am advised to do so.


From Columbia, MO and dealing in excellent ethereal instrumentals – grab it on Bandcamp. The band is Geoff Harris – Guitar, Matt Crook – Guitar, Emily Downing – Cello/Violin, and Ben Chlapek – Moog.


I have been featuring all the material from the new album “Beat On The Moans” and the show has a couple more tracks. Dave has also just released a new set of tunes called “Meandering Rubbish For Hopeless Losers” which I shall start featuring next time.


Maintaining your weekly prog intake with a small portion of VDDG from the expanded version of “The Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome” – the track had only previously been released as a live cut from the Vital album. The line-up at the time was Peter Hammill, Guy Evans, Nic Potter and Graham Smith and the year was 1977.


I was suRprised to find that Mike Leigh, drummer of this parish, had not heard any HMHB so here is a little treat from the “Editors Recommendation” release just for him.


The first of the Dave Graney “narrative shows” released on Bandcamp on October 13th.  It’s a story about a performer finding and walking onto the stage, and fighting many heroic battles. All songs are  written by Dave Graney from various albums recorded in the 90s.  It was recorded at the Butterfly Club, Sth Melbourne in 2006 with just two microphones in the room. Mark Fitzgibbon is on a stand up piano, Clare Moore is on vibes, percussion and backing vocals, and Dave Graney is telling the story and singing the songs into the room with no microphone.

The album is available as two complete files of around 13 songs. Dave would have released it as one long file but that was too large for Bandcamp. To give you a sense of the album and the whole piece i’ve edited a couple of songs from each of the two sections. Selection one includes “I’m A Commander” and “The Brother Who Lived” and selection two includes “There He Goes With His Eye Out” and “The Devil Drives”. To be fair you really need to listen to the album in it’s entireity to get what is going on.


And talking of Clare – another track from the excellent eponymous debut……available from Bandcamp


Well I wanted to play some Raw Bones having seen them last Thursday night in Liverpool but i’ve not been successful in tracking down their stuff so this is, I think, a more than adequate substitute. This is lifted from the “Gravest Hits” album.

And if you want at least see what Raw Bones look like in a live situation ………we have the mysterious time shifting power of You Tube


Shaun sent me through the latest mixes from the forthcoming EP – their best recordings yet.


South West UK’s prog-fused alternative rockers ‘Circle Of Reason’ have announced dates for their Static Tour this coming November. The Southampton based outfit are heading   north   in support or their recent self-released EP ‘These Hands & This Mind’.  Drawing upon a wide range of influences from the likes of Smashing Pumpkins, Deftones and QOTSA, yet retaining their own unique and diverse twist of alternative hard rock, Circle of Reason are recognised for their hard hitting riffs, soaring choruses, intricate song arrangements and the versitility in their songcraft and musicianship. Pulling listeners into a journey from beautifully melancholic to the depths of stomping hard rock, the band have a musical twist that appeals to a wide audience of music fans. Making waves since the debut release of their ‘A Favour For A Stranger’ EP last year, Circle of Reason have earned the early approval of Kerrang TV, Scuzz & Big Cheese Magazine. Home is taken from the EP.

Their relentless gigging schedule across Britain has seen them support the likes of InMe, Freeze The Atlantic, Feed The Rhino and Floods and perform at some of the UK’s leading rock & metal festivals.

Tour Dates:

  •  Sat 9th November, Bumper, Liverpool
  • Sun 10th November,Shades, Bridlington
  • Mon 11th November, South Sea Live, Sheffield
  • Tues 12th November, Thirsty Scholar, Manchester
  • Thurs 14th November, O’Rileys, Hull
  • Fri 15th November, The Black Bull, Castleford
  • Sat 16th November, Vintage Rock Bar, Doncaster
  • Sun 17th November, The Wardrobe, Leeds

Watch ‘Silver Scene’

Visit Circle Of Reason at and

‘These Hands & This Mind’ EP out now on iTunes



Your weekly portion of Moff comes from “The Corrosive Norm” album which was released on InvisibleGirl and is available on I-Tunes.


From the new EP Sunsphere – The Dexateens are a five-piece rock and roll band from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

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