Dream Fuzz Melange


Rotation/Live and Let Die

Emerald and Doreen

4th November 2013

Ummagma, a Canadian-Ukrainian dream pop duo, who got their start in Moscow and have made enough waves there for a full-page spread in Rolling Stone Russia have a new release on Berlin based lable Emerald and Doreen .

Ummagma combines their love of indie rock, synthpop and electronica to create “dreamgaze” power pop.

In these two tracks, stunning hypnotic vocals and lush blissed-out resonance create a palette of hypnotic rhythmic intensity. On ‘Rotation’, this is delivered  via waves of visceral synths, and armies of fuzzed guitars; and on “Live and Let Die”, epic indie guitar chords interact with bubbling percussion to create a rich bed over which Shauna Mclarnon floats imperiously  to create a delicious dreampop feast.

With a jubilant Stereolab and Curve-type feel, and a trip-hop nod towards to Portishead,  these two tracks prove to be extremely addictive and demand repeat listening.

This single is a teaser for several Ummagma releases on Emerald & Doreen forthcoming in early 2014.






Shauna McLarnon  and Alexander Kretov of Ummagma
Shauna McLarnon and Alexander Kretov of Ummagma

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