Aural Delights Podcast 52

On this weeks podcast:

  1. Staggs – Staggs Disco
  2. Melvins – Dr. Mule
  3. Brother Dege – The Girl Who Wept Stones
  4. Taser Puppets – Information Boom
  5. Black Riot Valves – Loaded
  6. The Autumn Defense – Full Five P aces
  7. Epsilon One – One Mistake From The Gutter, A Thousand Decisions From The Stars
  8. Help Yourself – Light Your Way
  9. Fall Fan Dave – Crisis In Crescendo
  10. Jimmy Miller – Quiet Life
  11. Agnes  Obel – Dorian
  12. My Electric Love Affair – A Kind Of Lie
  13. Cave – Arrow’s Myth
  14. Scott Watson – Dancin’ Round The Nails (Wooden Box Blues)
  15. OvO – Abisso
  16. The Dirty Wurks – Enomena
  17. Moff Skellington – A Song To Make You Gassy With Concern
  18. The Green Tambourine Band – From The Seed Into the Flower (Sir Psych Mix)
  19. Beach Skulls – Orange Juice
  20. The Rhemedies – Jiggery Pokery
  21. Johann Kloos – The Clocks Are Changing
  22. The Frantic Hamsters – Sailing Away (Passage of Time Mix)
  23. Frantic Chant – My Surname Is Warfare
  24. Staggs – Staggs Say No
  25. The Valkerys – (Love’s) A Losing Game
  26. Tidal Arms – Wooly Pictures
  27. Johann Kloos – Party In My Head
  28. Dusty Moonan – Bubonic Church
  29. Masturbation Goes Cloud – Your Mind and a Pound
  30. Egg – A Visit to Newport Hospital

Stream the show from –

Notes and further information

  1. From the new ep Mother Natures Bastard Sons
  2. From the new album Tres Cabrones – reviewed here
  3. From  the album “Folksongs of the American Longhair”
  4. From the forthcoming EP “Fuzzy Felt” – previewed here
  5. From the compilation album from Dogs Got A Bone Records called “Capitalised – Tall Tales And Low Lives Of Edinburgh”. Black Riot Valves are a heavy indie outfit. They Blend 70s riffs and baggy beats with a splash of psychedelia.
  6. From a compilation of various tracks called “Ten Full Paces”
  7. as 5.  As featured previously the excellent Epsilon One deliver Lofi Alternative Indie Rock.
  8. The great Malcolm Morley – who spent some time with Man – from the fifth album by this acid tinged country rock band from the 70s.
  9. A new album from Dave called “Meandering Rubbish For Hopeless Losers”
  10. as 5. A track from the forthcoming album by Jimmy Miller, All Gone Tomorrow, coming soon on DGAB Records.
    Jimmy was joined on this song by Larry Lean (Annie Christian), Dave Maxwell (Sans Trauma) & Electra Smith.
  11. From the new album “Aventine”
  12. as 5.   A 4 piece band from Edinburgh who have been together for 13 years……Facebook
  13. From the new album “Threace”
  14. as 5. The Jackals frontman does an acoustic version of one his bands tracks.
  15. From the new album “Abisso” reviewed here
  16. as 5. The Durty Wurks consists of 6 young mates, who through a turbulent first year have played more gigs than had practices, had more drinks than hours sleep and still seem to keep going. Its not all just about making great music, its a lifestyle, a cliche many a band state but The Durty Wurks are rock and roll personified.
  17. From “Embers from the Rapid Eye”
  18. as 5. The Green Tambourine Band are a Psychedelic group from Edinburgh featuring Jack Burns, Liam Payne, Murray Pettit, Ross Lynchehaun and various guest musicians.
  19. As featured last week – Liverpool based duo – from The Brooklyn Jive EP.
  20. as 5. A four piece indie rock band from the Edinburgh / Lothians area.
  21. Johann has just released two albums via Bandcamp. This is from “The Lost Light”
  22. A new track from the Moss Brothers which had a little bit of added fettling from Passage of Time
  23. as 5. The band of lable boss Col Chant – much more info on their Facebook page!
  24. as 1.
  25. as 5. Psychedelic band led by Scott William Dunlop. Formed in 2006 in Edinburgh , the band moved to London in late 2010.
  26. Since forming in the late summer of 2009, Brooklyn’s Tidal Arms have crafted a unique brand of stormy space-rock that’s as heavy as it is dreamy. The music reflects the diverse collective musical history of singer/guitarist Tom Tierney, drummer Francis Mark, and bassist Patrick Southern. Having played in a wide variety of bands with styles ranging between metal, folk, jazz, hardcore, post-rock, indie pop, blues, and noise, the band members have fused their disparate influences into a beautifully mysterious and massively blown-out sound.
  27. A track from Johann’s other release this month which is called “Destinations”
  28. Mr Moonan is slowing moving towards the completion of his next release and here is a little snippet of what to expect.
  29. A project that is based on monotonous and psychedelic motifs created by real time loops/layers from the bass6 (fender jaguar baritone custom), accompanied by drums, synths and samples.Their music has been characterized as “autistic rock”, due to the repetitive motifs and their obsession with specific rhythms and minimal bass lines.
  30. Classic prog from an overlooked trio that had both the talent and sound of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer without the bombast or success, Egg — comprised of organist Dave Stewart (who later went on to join Hatfield and the North), bassist/vocalist Mont Campbell, and Clive Brooks. Formed in July, 1968 from the ashes of Uriel/Arzachel after their guitarist, Steve Hillage left to study philosophy at the University of Kent, and then went onto Gong and his own solo career. The band never made it on a major scale, as their music was a bit too challenging to reach a mainstream audience. From “The Polite Force” their second album (of three) which was released in 1971.


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