Doo Wop Vampire Love Tale

Young Mr Fidler of the always interesting Curry Quiche sent through a link to the above.  It uses the old doo-wop classic chord progression of course but there are some nice subtle little twists and a prog-psyche wig out at the end which is very refreshing.  I loved the “Reuben and the Jets” feel to the song couched in classic indie territory.  It will be on the new album “One Seed, No Leeches” which on the basis of this tune should be well worth a listen. Having played a few of their tunes in the past (Dry Handerchief, Social Barrier Thing etc) I am aware of their ability to turn out a good melody and this demonstrates that they have not lost their flair for invention.

Currently trying to source the album from the lads so I can do a review and a sizeable portion of pod-casting.

C Quiche

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