Breaking down social barriers…..

Curry Quiche

1 Seed, No Leeches



Rotherham’s Curry Quiche have distilled their vast array of styles into an excellent debut album. Blending punky power punk-pop with elements of ska, coupled with with some psyche-prog sounds might sound like a bit of a dog’s breakfast but in actuality it all works rather well indeed. There are a good handful of  pop classics on this release all delivered in a fresh and energetic style which in parts reminded me of Half Man Half Biscuit, occasionally Camper Van Beethoven,  once in a while XTC, and in bits, early Declan McManus. Having used all those comparators however  I would also say that the band have a definite style of their own

The single “The End Will Be Televised” is available elsewhere on here for you to have a gander at and is a fine primer for an album replete with quality tune-smithery and well honed execution. Apparently it’s a concept album says Steve who plays the rhythm guitar and does the singing. The spirit of the album is captured in this one tune which moves from trad 60s pop (in a post punk style) into a motorik wig-out on the synth on the end. Glorious stuff, and it makes me tap my foot and smile which is always a good sign! The guitar solo on “Love Has Gone With All The Rest” is worth the price of admission in it’s own.

Anyway have a listen yourself – I reckon it’s damn good and will definitely be in my top 50 albums for 2013.

C Quiche

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