Aural Delights Podcast 53

The featured artist this time around is Danny Short in both his song-writing and also alternative experimental guise as DDS. And I’m pleased to be able to let you know that Danny will be appearing on my chum Steve Doyle’s radio show next week – watch out for that on Facebook…..

  1. The Relays – Last Night She Said
  2. Blue Orchids – Agents of Change
  3. The Junta – Argie Bargie
  4. Johann Kloos – Birds
  5. DDS – Among the Emotional Wreckage
  6. Danny Short – Always
  7. The Chaos of Birds – Mouth to Feed
  8. Ummagma – Rotation
  9. Boz Hayward – Doctor Who (Faster, Faster, Get The Master!)
  10. Fall Fan Dave – Off Peak Danger
  11. Pinkunoizu – Perish In Hilton
  12. DDS – Please Love Him
  13. Danny Short – Make Me Happy
  14. Nevada Greene – A Love Of Irrelevant Mind
  15. Romeo Crow – Would You Hold It Against Me
  16. FFD – Pointless Attitude
  17. Johann Kloos – Dark Light
  18. DDS – The Forest
  19. The Chaos of Birds – Innocent/Guilty
  20. Danny Short – This Year Is Ours
  21. Boz Hayward – Light Rail
  22. Fall Fan Dave – Perfecting the Pessimism
  23. Ummagma – Live and Let Die
  24. DDS – The Fruits
  25. Nevada Greene – Early Morning Joggers
  26. Johann Kloos – Catch It While It Falls
  27. Ubertino Da Casale – Classical
  28. The Junta – Devil
  29. Danny Short – People On The Hilltop
  30. DDS – Those Strawberries
  31. Moff Skellington – Your Dream
  32. The Relays – You Invented Horror
  33. The Fall – Crop Dust

Listen in here –

Background Info

  1. New single – see review here
  2. From the ep of the same name
  3. From the forthcoming album “Art of Glass”
  4. From the recent album “The Lost Light” available from Bandcamp
  5. From the “Emotional Wreckage” ep
  6. From the first session Danny did for me
  7. From the Innocent/Guilty ep
  8. New single – see review here 
  9. A DIY punk version recorded in 2003 lamenting the old series (not knowing it was coming back in 2005) released on download from all the usual outlets to celebrate the 50th birthday.
  10. From the “Meandering Rubbish…..” album
  11. A free download tied in with the recent ep
  12. From the “Shameful Thug” ep
  13. as 6
  14. From the “Across our wide misery” ep
  15. Romeo Crow is a multi-instrumentalist musician, performer and songwriter based in London. Nick Dawes (mix Engineer) calls his style “Classic rock in the fine tradition of bands such as Led Zeppelin” whilst others have called it “Rage against the Chili Peppers”. Having played guitar, bass and sung in various bands (including “RedRoots”, who toured in support of Babyshambles at Pete Doherty’s request) he has emerged as a powerful multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and solo performer. 2013 saw the release of his debut EP, “They Come and Go Like Rain”, a collection of guitar-driven, contemporary, blues-rock songs, all written, performed and recorded by Romeo in his home studio. His follow up EP, the more funk-rock “Grip the Sky”, is due for release in early 2014. 
  16. as 10. 
  17. as 4. 
  18. From “The Darkened Forest” EP 
  19. as 7.
  20. as 6.
  21. From a short film soundtrack called ‘Lighttrail’ scored for a film of the same name by Paulo Martinho. This will be screened and played live along with all of Boz’s other scores from ‘Video Jam’ events on his S H O R T S C O R E S album launch at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation on Saturday 16th November  7.30-9.30. All welcome – families too. £5 otd. The album will be available on download next year.
  22. as 10.
  23. New single
  24. as 18.
  25. as 14.
  26. as 4.
  27. Another track from Ubertino….and more to come
  28. as 3.
  29. as 6.
  30. as 18.
  31. From the Reformation session
  32. The free download tied in with the bands single release
  33. From “Live in San Francisco” recently released on Ozit Morpheus – live at the Great American Music Hall on 19th October 2001 – James Watts of this parish on the bass guitar!

Danny S

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