World of Jazz Podcast 53

This week we have reached the letter “D” featuring the less well known members of the jazz fraternity:

  1. Lou Donaldson – Snake Bone
  2. Nathan Davies Sextet – Ruby, My Dear
  3. Ben Dietschi  Andrew Oliver Quartet – Invisible Beats
  4. Stacy Dillard – Stizzozo
  5. Lars Danielsson – Judas Bolero
  6. Eric Dolphy – Ode To C.P.
  7. Johnny Dyani Quartet – Blues for Moyake
  8. Manu Dibango – Wa-Wa

You can stream the show from here.

The album sources of the music for this show are:

  1. Say It Loud!
  2. Peace Treaty
  3. Parallaz
  4. Good and Bad Memories
  5. Melange Bleu
  6. Iron Man
  7. Angolian Cry
  8. Africadelic


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