It’s Miller Time

Jimmy Miller

All Gone Tomorrow

Dogs Got  A Bone via Bandcamp

12th November 2013

Jimmy Miller - All Gone Tomorrow - cover

Col at Dogs Got A Bone has a damn fine ear for music and the latest release on his excellent lable is rather marvellous.

I don’t know much about Jimmy Miller – so I did a bit of digging…….

Jock Rock site says:

Miller appeared on the recent DGAB compilation album “Capitalised”, and his new release is a collection of songs recorded with friends from the bands Sans Trauma and Annie Christian. It’s the first of four releases that will cover his back catalogue, while he works on a brand new album.

The album came about when the musician visited the Bigbyte studio on Edinburgh’s Stockbridge to transfer some old cassettes onto CD, where engineer Dugald Brough persuaded him to make some new recordings. He then bumped into Dave Maxwell of Sans Trauma and Larry Lean (of Annie Christian / The Last Great Wilderness) and the two offered to contribute drums and guitar to his new recordings and aided in the prduction. Miller’s wife Electra contributed vocals and Kevin Armstrong remixed several of the tunes.

…and that’s about it really.

This is really good stuff – well written and well performed tunes which utilise elements of psyche, shoegaze, and indie all melding together to create a refreshing listen. Miller’s rich voice, with an Edinburgh twang, is rather special and is the centre piece to an excellent collection. There are seven main tracks and four of these are repeated as variant mixes – although all four  of them are mis-labled to keep you on your toes!

One of the better releases of the year in my opinion  – highly recommended!

3 thoughts on “It’s Miller Time

  1. Jimmy here ! thankyou for your kind words..have more tunes coming out probably 3 albums worth. Starting a new project with Larry Lean and Dave Maxwell, hopefully out in spring 2014.
    with be adding information about previous bands and earlier recordings I was involved with
    I don’t know who you are……..but thankyou Best jimmy

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