World of Jazz Podcast 54

This time around we have reached the letter “E” in my look at the less well known members of the jazz world:

  1. Booker Ervin – Groovin at the Jamboree
  2. Kyle Eastwood – Summer Gone
  3. Christian Escoude – Skating in Central Park
  4. Earthbound – Lady In The Cloud
  5. Mats Eilertson – Momento
  6. Peter Erskine – Siri
  7. Mathias Eick – Fly
  8. Peter Evans – Frank Sinatra
  9. Marty Ehrlichs’ Rites Quartet – My Song
  10. Kahil El Zabar Ritual Trio featuring  Pharaoah Sanders – Miles Mode

As usual you can stream the show direct from this link

The albums the tracks come from are as follows:

  1. The Trance
  2. The View From Here
  3. Saint Germain Des Pres
  4. The Tales Of Earthbound
  5. Sky Dive
  6. Juni
  7. The Door
  8. The Peter Evans Quartet
  9. Frog Leg Logic
  10. Africa N’Da Blues

Booker Ervin Trance

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