Aural Delights Podcast 55 – Cabaret Voltaire Special

An abiding musical obsession for me in the early 80s was the formative years of Cabaret Voltaire – especially the first three albums and the early singles, when Chris Watson was a member of the band. However I did not get to see them live until 1982, after Chris had left. and  when the band was Mal and Richard with Alan Fish on drums. Two gigs at the Hacienda stick in my memory as some of the most challenging and entertaining music i’ve seen and which broke the boundaries and played with the rules of what sat in which particular musical genre box. Two gigs from the tours during which the Hacienda gigs featured – Liverpool and Sheffield – are part of a new box set. A further gig from 1985 – when the band had moved into yet another musical phase is also featured in the box set. So i’m playing tracks from each of the gigs plus some fairly rare Cabs stuff which turned up on the “Listen Up” compilation, and a classic track from the exceptional “Red Mecca” album.

Add to that lots of new music and you have a rather nice collection of Aural Delights….enjoy!


  1. The Junta – Parenthood
  2. Cabaret Voltaire – This Is Entertainment
  3. Cabaret Voltaire – This Is Our Religion
  4. Coroner for the Police – Walking With God
  5. Jimmy Miller – Nostalgia
  6. The Rain Parade – This can’t be today
  7. Grass House – Faun
  8. Cabaret Voltaire – Diskono
  9. The Seeds – No Escape
  10. Moff Skellington – Flimsy Runs My Bones
  11. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Mustt Mustt(Massive Attack Remix)
  12. Christian Bordeaux – First Grain
  13. Molo – Hello Goodbye (Om Unit Remix)
  14. Shaun Maxwell – Waiting for My Man (Passage of Time Mix)
  15. Star Spangled Banana – Nag Nag Nag (Joe McKechnie Mix)
  16. Dusty Moonan – Girls from Del Monte
  17. Kratos Himself – Lucid (Jesse Futerman Mix)
  18. Mountain Bird – Don’t Mind
  19. Cabaret Voltaire – That’s The Way It Works
  20. Cabaret Voltaire – Do Right
  21. Johnny Dowd – Nancy Sinatra
  22. Jimmy Miller – Quiet Life
  23. Cryin’ Queerwolf – Green Carnation
  24. The Ancients – Diamond Eyes
  25. Parquet Courts – Master of my Craft
  26. The See See – Featherman
  27. Cabaret Voltaire – A Thousand Ways

Stream the show from here


  1. From the forthcoming album “The Art Of Glass”
  2. From the new Box Set “Archive #828285 Live”
  3. From “Listen Up With Cabaret Voltaire”
  4. From “The Deer and the Bulldozer”
  5. From “All Gone Tomorrow”
  6. From “Emergency Third Rail Power Trip”
  7. From “A Sun Full And Drowning”
  8. as 2.
  9. From “The Seeds”
  10. From “Gliding Through Stone”
  11. From “Mustt Mustt”
  12. From “Fables”
  13. From “Hello Goodbye”
  14. Demo Track
  15. Spookily as I was putting this show together I received this remix track from Joe McKechnie – “Brand new from Star Spangled Banana is this version of the Cabaret Voltaire song Nag Nag Nag. Produced by Joe Mckechnie, it will be released very very soon on Agitated Records. Star Spangled Banana is Aslan Kastanetz, Bob Katz, Midi Hi-Fye, Klaus Action & McGill. Just out is the Star Spangled Banana LP – Pebbles 2000” I remarked to Joe that this sounds a little like The Seeds – and Joe replied “that was the intention”. Completing a nice circle of musical serendipity between The Seeds, The Cabs and Star Spangled Banana.
  16. Preview track
  17. From “An Imaginarium Remixed”
  18. Single
  19. as 3.
  20. as 2.
  21. From “Do The Gorgon”
  22. as 5.
  23. From “Battle of the Bette Davis Impersonators”
  24. From “Diamond Eyes” EP
  25. From “Dull Tools Light Up Gold”
  26. Single
  27. From “Red Mecca”

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