Featuring : Down The Machine

Breaking out into the British rock scene in 2009, Leeds alt/rock/metal outfit Down The Machine have been steadily building their reputation as a band who can deliver both on the stage and in the studio.
Frequently compared to the likes of Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and NIN, Down The Machine’s own blend of alternative hard rock with elements of industrial electronics continues to appeal to a wide audience of rock fans.
With a number of DIY & independent label releases under their belt, Down The Machine have recieved airplay worldwide and have graced the stages of various UK music festivals in recent years.
Returning from their brief hiatus in August 2013, DTM returned to the live stage supporting US rock act Reverence with welcomed media praise for their free download single ‘Everything I Am Not’
Currently recording their second album for release in 2014, Down The Machine founders Steve Wilson (Vox) and Dan Millikin (Guitar) announce the new additions of David Preston (Drums) and Darren Johnson (Bass).
Download all DTM’s releases for FREE! www.leatherhead.bandcamp.com

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