Too Much Monkey Business


I have received notification from the Monkey Bunker of various planned releases by the very exquisite Monkeys In Love.

New track  ‘Circle Of Jerks’ will be released in December on French label With A Messy Head – find out more at

Another new track (they are spoiling us)  ‘Secret Santa Party In Comic Sans’ will be released on a charity compilation in December – “further details will be announced in due course” says Laura.

Both tracks will also  be on a special EP which also features a new version of “***** *******’* Hair Transplant” and live favourite “Oh You Naughty Bird”.

The two new ones will be podcasted as part of my special best of the year shows.

This limited edition EP will be on sale from December at their gigs in Liverpool (December), Wrexham (January), Congleton (February) and Salford (March).

Pending that here they are live

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