Aural Delights 56 : 2013 – A Look Back – Part One

Streaming from 4th December 2013 via Mixcloud

As is usual during December I look back at the best of the year and provide a synopsis of some of the outstanding musical treats that have been featured on the podcasts and on the blog. There will be no doubt buried somewhere in the blog information about all of these bands and artists so feel free to use the handy search feature at the top right hand side of the page.

A very busy year music wise – busier than any previous year – with an amazing amount of new material being sent my way and over 1500 tunes played on the Aural Delights Podcast alone. So it has been a challenge to review all of this and pick out some highlights. But here are the best 25 tracks of the first few months of the year.

  1. Total Victory – Holy Cross
  2. Ummagma – Lama
  3. Kit B – Slow Burn
  4. Sky Valley Mistress – Baby Ruthless
  5. Pond – Hanman
  6. Dead Rabbits – All You Need
  7. Camera – E-Go
  8. Lumerians – Hashashin
  9. Grace – Stealing Kisses
  10. The Outreach Project – She’s In Control
  11. The Deadline Shakes – Sweeten The Deal
  12. Hot Stuff and the Eye Candy – Hyper Little Monkey
  13. Dr Tequila – Hills Of Marin
  14. The Ligaments – Lungs
  15. Tartufi – Eaves
  16. Sinister Chuckles – Marilyn Monroe
  17. Eccentronic Research Council – Wicked Sisters (Disco Version)
  18. Rapid Pig – Super Jura
  19. Positronik – Game of Chances
  20. Kill Pretty – Manchester(Demo)
  21. Goat – Goathead
  22. Dead Sea Souls – I Go Where You Go
  23. The Tracy Boys – Marylebone
  24. Featureless Ghost – Video Enforcement
  25. Dusty Moonan – Have You Ever Been To The North?


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