It’s New (Leather Thing) – Click, Buzz, Whirr, Ping

Womblabel is Question of Time’s imprint for Ambient, Chill-Out and Experimental Electronica.

As the year comes to an end, they say they “are proud to round things up with Nordchord’s debut album, “Curtas”.”

The promo explains:

“Created by experienced Portuguese producer Miguel Parreira, “Curtas” presents a departure from the known, a journey of exquisite sensitivity and experimentalism, detaching from the usual electronic music routines.

Nordchord is the manifestation of the desire to find one’s own sound and music, to actually let real life events and feelings influence the music, turning it into something meaningful and true.

 In a time when most music is an externally driven product, it’s refreshing to find artists who are willing to pour themselves into their work, and do so in a technically superior way. Nordchord’s music is introspective and unpredictable, almost chaotic at times, but somehow everything mysteriously holds together, revealing beauty, then moving on to something else…”

“Curtas” will be released in two different formats, a 6-track EP, (WOM12), and the full 12-track album(WOM12LP), which will only be available through our Bandcamp store.

The Aural Delights View : Sparse, minimal, glitchy with a stripped down use of electronics to create a dreamy aural backdrop. Beats are hypnotic and spartan, sometimes buried deep in the mix. A nice variety of sounds and textures creates a pleasurable listening experience.

Nordchord Curtas


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