Aural Delights Christmas Special – The Sound of Salford 2013

A pile of excellent new music from Salford came in recently so I thought I’d throw it all together in an Aural Delights Salford Christmas Special

All artists are either born in Salford, or currently live in Salford or nearby…..

You can stream it from Mixcloud……

  1. As Able As Kane – Santa Baby
  2. The Fall – The Remainderer
  3. Girl Peculiar – Stars (Remix)
  4. Busik Mase – A.G.E.
  5. Johann Kloos – Mr Fowler
  6. Kit B – Dogma I Am God
  7. The Junta – Devil
  8. Ten Bop Turper – Come On Vic
  9. The Eccentronic Research Council – Black Christ Mass
  10. Johann Kloos – Shadows Of Night
  11. Girl Peculiar – Secrets
  12. The Fall – Mister Rode
  13. As Able As Kane – Merry Christmas Baby
  14. Passage of Time – Hoogu Muoro Taxi Whammer

Tracks 1 and 13 are available as free downloads from the bands website

Tracks 2 and 12 are from the new EP The Remainderer

Tracks 3 and 11 are from the forthcoming EP Believe

Track 4 is from the Post Nasal Drip EP

Track 5 is from the Teeth EP

Track 6 is an unreleased demo

Track 7 is from the forthcoming album Art of Glass

Track 8 is an unreleased demo

Track 9 is a free download from the band

Track 10 is from The Magician Album

Kit B
Kit B

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