New Prog Pop?


Originating all the way from Newcastle, Australia, Bela Takes Chase moved to London specifically to follow her creative path, and has been building up a great UK underground following ever since.

Having grown up next door to Silverchair’s Daniel Johns, Bela was exposed to quality music and musicianship from an early age.  Focusing on song-writing and live performance, Bela has already gained a strong following on social media. Bela’s powerful yet fragile voice is a mix between Emiliana Torrini, Sia Furler and Martina Topley-Bird. It is soft yet immense, moving yet memorable, and the upcoming new single Radiate demonstrates this impeccably.

Radiate is made for the fans of Morcheeba, Beach House, Lamb and London Grammar, and is as soothing and delicate as expected. Pulsing beats and warm keyboard and guitar embellish Bela’s uniqueness and quirkiness. The whole song throbs gently below the surface and is warmly wrapped in reverb from start to finish.

Subtly filled with rich ambience, the production is filled with underscoring melodies and driving momentum, and by creating a nostalgic feel through out, it turns a catchy song into an infectious one.

A soulful and promising introduction to Bela Takes Chase, Radiate will be available for sale and download February 9th.

The Aural Delights View : an amalgamation of the current trends for female singers coupled with an impressive soundscape which echoes Sigur Ros in its’ cinematic breadth, and, includes a variety of progressive electronic sounds. The attention to detail in placing the various elements of guitar, bass, synths and sparse percussion is exemplary and adds to the vocal performance. 

Here is an acoustic rendition of the single

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