Mind the Gap

I have shared the delightful whimsy of the wonderful Limbs previously, they have recently released a new offering called “Spunk”.

Those of you in the know will be aware that the band is the offspring of the fertile musical mind of Michael Chadwick, once of The Planets, now of Neuron No, and also now a playwright.

Limbs are Michael Chadwick (piano, guitar) , Mark Jones (bass) , Martin Roscoe (drums).

Michael says….“It’s a collection of new Limbs songs I finished a few weeks ago and i’m rather pleased with it too.

I’ve tried my hand at a few other things away from being solely in a band this year. I finished and did a few performances of a musical that I wrote called “Tin Can” (it will be premiered in full at the King’s Arms, Salford next October directed by the new artist in residence there James Baker!!) and I wrote the soundtrack to an unusual theatrical piece called “Yawp” which was staged at Chapel Street Theater (The Black Lion) in November, plus a few other bits and bobs. All good fun and hopefully more theatre stuff to come, but “Spunk” is the first set of songs written for no other purpose than the glory of Limbs.”  

“Tin Can” would appear to revolve around (or maybe orbit) the Limonchik tales (or possibly tails)  released by Neuron No a while back. The soundtracks for both plays are available from Michael’s bandcamp page.

Anyway – a delightful handful of songs in the usual Limbs vaudevillian style – an anglicised Brecht/Weill if you would – with the usual off kilter subject matter including sandwiches, gaps, and spunk. I always feel uplifted by the listening to their work – it’s delightfully joyous and lifts the gloom of a dark winter’s day with it’s relentlessly optimistic sound. If you want a break from the usual stuff you listen to then you would be advised to have a gander at this. A modern day Noel Coward perchance?

The younger Mr Chadwick
The younger Mr Chadwick

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