World of Jazz Podcast 59 – A to Z of Jazz – “J”

Number 10 in a run of podcasts featuring the A-Z of the less well known members of the wonderful world of jazz…..reaching the letter “J”

  1. Clifford Jordan – Quasimodo
  2. Sam Jones – All Members
  3. Elvin Jones – Moon Dance
  4. Hank Jones – Dear Mister Santa Claus
  5. Ahmad Jamal – Catalina
  6. Thad Jones – Thedia
  7. Leo Janssen – Greenhouse
  8. James Farm – Unravel
  9. Duke Jordan – No Problem
  10. Philly Joe Jones – Julia

You can stream the show from Mixcloud

….and the music comes from the following albums….

  1. Highest Mountain
  2. The Soul Society
  3. Time Capsule
  4. Here’s Love
  5. The Essence Part One
  6. The Magnificent Thad Jones
  7. Shadow and Light
  8. James Farm
  9. Flight to Denmark
  10. Showcase


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