New Manchester Sounds……

DKM is Danny Marland from WithiN working with the artist often known as Seth Leppard (aka Mr N Rowbotham of AAAK and The Words) to produce a style of music you would not normally associate with the individual output of the pair. On some tracks they are assisted by Protective Fences – a trio of producers from South West London.

There is a lot more information available at their website 

Danny says…..“This isn’t going to be live performance thing, just a collective (think DAFT PUNK) offering several remixes of the original versions. It’s initially focusing on my back-catalogue of material that was too chilled for the WITHIN set list….”

The collective  have released a number of tracks to date on Soundcloud – the lead “The Dealer” being an impressive introduction to their work.  The cool shifting trip-hop rhythms, the understated piano chords, and Rowbotham’s wall of surging guitars under Marland’s expressive and emotional vocal performance offer an impressive introduction to their work. 

Danny Marland of DKM
Danny Marland of DKM

The haunting “Could It Taste Any Better” offers an entirely different angle – a piano ballad with some beautifully understated guitar  from Neil and bass from Adam Ogliev – there’s a cinematic feel to the track which builds to an epic climax.

“Feel” again explores epic territory and has a great blues swagger to it. Although this is a Manchester band there is a clear sense that this music could have had it’s genesis somewhere along the New Jersey shoreline, possibly in a bar in Asbury Park.

Alternative versions of the tracks are available from the Protective Fences Soundcloud Page.


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