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The latest set of Podcasts are now available over on the other blog…..

ROOM ON THE FLOOR 02 –  continues the semi-regular hour of tunes from the electronica, dance and ambient areas of music that I get sent. I’m continuing the feature tracks from the recent compilation from the excellent Emerald and Doreen lable “Hot Selection Vol 2”, and a similar collection called “The Best Sound of Deepest London”. There are also new promos from the oddly named James Bond Motherfucker, a brand new split from Rubberlips and Sonus which mixes up jazz, disco and dance/minimal house, plus , as well as a classic piece of P-Funk brand new stuff from Leeds based Ubertino Da Casale, a new one from Dirty Freud, another one from The Junta (whose single is out imminently), and material from Adrenochrome 100 aka the musical mind behind Da Mutts. The podcast will be back in two to three weeks depending on what gets sent in.

SONIC ATTACK 38 –  continues with a run of very obscure garage/punk/psych from the US and Australia, with the addition of a couple of older tracks from the same genre. In between selections from a run of albums released last year which I have only just been made aware of – mostly from the heavier end of the music spectrum – I got nine new albums in over the weekend and I am slowly working my way through them. Also featured are Warrington’s The Electric Mafia who are mining the rich seam of early 70s rock to create a fresh sound, and, a selection from The Get who are playing at the Queerwolf’s Closet at the Kings Arms in Salford on 1st February and sound like a combination of the Dead Kennedy’s and early Fall!

AURAL DELIGHTS 63 – is a bit of a mixed bag with a combination of a plays of artists playing at the aforementioned Queerwolf’s Closet – including another one from The Get – together with a lot of forthcoming releases – there’s a new pre-release mix of the fantastic Dusty Moonan tune “Wasp In The Car”, a track from the excellent Raw Bones who I saw in Liverpool  a few months back, another mix from Joe McKechnie of that excellent Cabaret Voltaire/Seeds pastiche from Star Spangled Banana  , another track from that Spidey ep, the new single from Volcanoes  and another track from the new EP from the rather marvellous Monkeys In Love. 

WORLD OF JAZZ 63 – which will be streamed from tomorrow will feature another selection of the less known members of the jazz world via my A to Z which has now reached the letter M.

I’m hoping to be getting hold of the new album from James Stevenson – original guitarist with Chelsea – it’s called Everthing’s Getting Closer to Being Over and features a stellar list of contributors, including :  Barriemore Barlow (Jethro Tull), Chris Bell (Thompson Twins, Spear Of Destiny, Specimen, Gene Loves Jezebel, Hugh Cornwell) Geoff Dugmore  (Killing Joke, Belouis Some, The Waterboys), Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols, Iggy Pop etc) , Craig Adams (Sisters Of Mercy, The Mission, The Cult,) Pete Rizzo (Gene Loves Jezebel), Mark Taylor (Simple Minds, The Alarm, The Cult), Steve Norman (Spandau Ballet), The Sexpistilettos –  Maggi Ronson (Mick Ronson’s sister) Elizabeth Westwood (Westworld, Moondogg) , Tracie Hunter (Tracie Hunter Band, Ian Hunter’s Daughter). I’ll let you know what it sounds like!

For lovers of drone doom etc I am advised that the impending collaborative Terrestrials LP from SUNN O))) and ULVER  is due soon. Conceived in the interim 2008-2012 at Crystal Canyon Studios in Oslo, Norway, the musicians on this recording are Greg Anderson, Stephen O’Malley, Daniel O’Sullivan, Kristoffer Rygg, Jørn H. Sværen & Tore Ylwizaker – with additional appearances by Ole-Henrik Moe & Kari Rønnekleiv (viola & violin), Stig Espen Hundsnes (trumpet) & Tomas Pettersen (drums). Terrestrials was produced by Stephen O’Malley & Kristoffer Rygg, mixed by Anders Møller at Crystal Canyon during February & March 2013, and mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano at Orgone, London, April 2013. With art direction by Stephen O’Malley. There are three tracks on the release. Again. once I get a copy I will let you know what they have come up with.

Of a similar ilk and following the November release of their BBC Session 2011 Anno Domini two-track live 12” via Southern Lord, new recordings from WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM have been confirmed for a 2014 release. Following several months of anticipation, the Cascadian black metal band  comprised of brothers Aaron and Nathan Weaver had trailed  their impending full-length release, “Celestite”. Taking a different approach than their previous LPs, Celestite is a completely newly envisioned, parallel-universe version of Celestial Lineage,  their  2011 album. Celestite brings  a whole new, ethereal approach. There are no drums and no vocals. Instead I am told you will get “….. deep, heavy crystalline synthesizer journeying, Eno-inspired analog processing and arcane acoustic instrumentation…”.  Paired once again with producer Randall Dunn (Earth, Sunn O))), Master Musicians Of Bukkake), Celestite came to fruition at Avast Studios and WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM’s own Olympia-based studio Owl Lodge. While cloistered during the recording sessions they made use of a mammoth arsenal of crumbling vintage equipment including a Serge Modular System, Korg Poly6, Korg MS20, Korg Mono/Poly, Roland Juno 106, Roland Jupiter 6, Roland Super jx10, Jomox Airbase 99, Access Virus and more. The album also features a guest wind ensemble including friends Josiah Boothby on French Horn, Steve Moore (Earth, Sunn O))), Stebmo) on Trombone, and both Mara Winter and Veronica Dye on flute.

Wolves In The Throne Room have announced their new album
Wolves In The Throne Room have announced their new album

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