Casting the Pod – early February

Another set of podcasts have been put up for consideration……

SONIC ATTACK 39 – carries on with the recent theme of mangling obscure American (and in some cases Australian and European)  garage bands in with soon to be released metal – there’s also a new one from UK band Monster Jaw – there’s some pretty heavy stuff on the new release front so I thought it would be good to soften the blow – albeit on a minimal level -with some lo-fi things.

AURAL DELIGHTS 64 – features a couple of tracks from the new venture from Kill Pretty frontman Ian Moss – he calls it KP2 and there is work with London producer PRJCTXY (which I have played before but this is the final mix and bears a repeat) and Nemo (who is Ian’s brother Neil). The latter has been getting a bit of remix attention and that will no doubt will get an airing in due course. Aside from that there’s a track from Darwen’s India Mill – i’ve been sent a couple of tracks from their new album both of which are excellent. Show regular Johann Kloos makes one of his occasional appearances and I’m delighted to be able to feature the opening track from the new Moff Skellington album which is one of his best.  Pretty excited also about new Canadian band Ought who sound very promising indeed. In between lots of new releases and a couple of classics from the 70s.

There’s a one-off . special show featuring the newly released collaboration between PETER HAMMILL AND GARY LUCAS which includes tracks from that album (Other World)  as well as some key points in their individual careers. Peter’s solo stuff and Van Der Graaf , and Gary’s own bands and his work with Jeff Buckley, Beefheart and the Beefheart Jazz experiment Fast ”N Bulbous – there’s a fascinating variety of material in the 90 minute podcast demonstrating  their individual prowess and o the richness of the new album.

WORLD OF JAZZ 64 will follow later in the week and has reached N in my A to Z of less well known jazz artists.

KP2 new material featured on Aural Delights
KP2 new material featured on Aural Delights

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