New single from Chaos of Birds

One of the by-products of insomnia is that you sometimes catch stuff from the other side of the Atlantic when you are prowling Facebook in the early hours that you might miss in the day time.

Anyhow a lovely outcome, from today’s nocturnal perambulations , is the discovery of the  release of the new single from the rather groovy CHAOS OF BIRDS, which is called “Rank and Ruin”, and, which they happened to play, back in December, a few hundred yards from here at The White Horse, as part of the Salford Music Festival Christmas Party. They popped into sunny Eccles  while they were on their recent UK tour, devoured some Eccles Cakes, and played a great set.

It’s another rather marvellous example of their hitherto excellent work, a swaggering up-tempo swampy blues rock with  busy drums from Nicole Thomas,  some tasty guitar licks and riffs from Will Morton and Matt Ray, and a trademark raw and impassioned vocal performance from Meghan Adkins. And I do love the way it drops back half way through to hand claps and sustain, slows, and then builds again to a great climax. Great dynamics. Morton and Adkins dual guitar attack is a key element of their sound and it comes to the fore on this single.

Anyway you don’t need my word on the matter you can check it out for yourself via Soundcloud.  Go on treat yourself….it’s free at the moment and as Meghan says “get it while you can”!


121213 WL COB04

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