Collision Course

Juliette Commagere is an L.A.  born singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has always been highly in demand as a performer.  She has shared the stage with a number of acts, such as Bat For Lashesthe Foo Fighters and Linda Perry. She has also collaborated with TOOL and Perfect Circles Maynard James Keenan on a remix of her track Vampire.


Recently featured in Rolling Stone, Juliette has been working very hard on writing, recording and performing in the States. She has also been rehearsing for her exclusive upcoming BBC LIVE London Radio Show which will take place at the BBC London on the 17th of February.

Her new single Collide is taken from forthcoming album Human, and it exposes her slightly darker side. The synth driven drum-beats and electronic effects have added an industrial-like edge to her sound which effectively contrasts with her  delicate lead vocals. To be fair I have not been overly struck by her  work to date but this latest release is certainly  a marked improvement in the overall sound.

Collide is a great pop song with an excellent hard electronic edge and well worth listening to, and it will be available for sale and download from  11th of March.





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