Two Score and Three

Indie Pop and Electronica artist NESSI is set to release her debut EP ‘TWENTYTHREEYEARS’ on the 3rd March 2014, released by Serve & Volley Records.

After the success of her first single ‘HUSH HUSH’,  shooting straight into the top 20 of the iTunes Alternative Charts and achieving a feature on the iTunes homepage for alternative music, NESSI is riding her wave of success with the announcement of her second single ‘JUST A LINE’. Both singles are featured on her debut E.P ‘TWENTYTHREEYEARS’ . With a German tour supporting Babyshambles in progress to celebrate this release and live performances booked at Germany’s biggest festival Rock im Park and Rock am Ring, this is a busy time for the singer.


NESSI grew up in Hamburg, Germany, moving to Berlin at the age of 19 to pursue her creative passion. The Berlin location whilst writing ‘TWENTYTHREEYEARS’ has proven to be influential in the  development of her music.  “Although there were three million people around me, I felt quite alone in Berlin at the beginning,” she explains. This is expressed implicitly in the  emotionally charged first track of the E.P, ‘ALONE’.

‘TWENTYTHREEYEARS’ displays NESSI’s raw talent, writing her own lyrics and including her own tasteful guitar playing. The first single released from her EP ‘HUSH HUSH’ portrays NESSI’s feelings of finding no home brought into prominence by a tumultuous relationship experience. Stripped down to a bare acoustic feel , with rich ambient textures added,   the second single ‘JUST A LINE’ takes us through the reminiscence of an old love who can’t let go.  REMEMBER ME develops from a slow start into a pop tune of epic qualities. Closer YOU presents an angst ridden vocal over a trip-hop derived rhythm, and lush electronic beds,  developing organically to create a perfect circle back to the opening track on the EP.

Overall  this E.P stands out as a well crafted and thought out journey through the development of her work and the first single is definitive example of modernist pop electronica.  There a clear signs in these five songs  that the singer has great potential and it will be interesting to see where she takes her music from here.





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