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Peeler Records


Introducing C O L L E C T R E S S a talented collective of UK based multi-instrumentalists, who are self-releasing their  debut album, Mondegreen in March.

With a collective biography of collaborations which includes the likes of Bat For Lashes, Patrick Wolf, Philip Selway (Radiohead) and Penguin Café Orchestra, the four members of the group come together to craft music both daring and unique, but also familiar with a cinematic edge.

Described as “a cross between the Elysian Quartet and possessed Brontë sisters teasing an unsuspecting dinner party”, they are long-term musical collaborators from London and Brighton. Their music treads a line between the intricate and organic, with a nod to everyone from Philip Glass to Bach, improvisors like The Necks to lo-fi chamber groups such as Rachels.

Their collective ethos, aesthetic and approach are inspired and informed by the practices which complement their performing lives: visual art, composition for film and TV, dance for camera and music informatics and free improvisation. C O L L E C T R E S S are a band of process and resourcefulness, their broad and dense experimental structures utilise voice, toy instruments and found sound samples alongside layers of more traditional, often romantic, strings, keys and woodwind – violin, viola, cello, flute, piano and guitar.

Having collaborated in various forms for a decade, C O L L E C T R E S S formed in 2009 and have since then been engaged in a series of performance commissions for film, archives, expanded cinema, all of which inform their debut album, Mondegreen, where C O L L E C T R E S S define themselves, weaving together composed and improvised songs which glow, shimmer, move and unsettle.


Mondegreen’s song titles represent the sounds and locations that inform each particular piece of music: “Whitechapel” thaws the numbing cold of the empty church in which it was recorded; “Goodbye” rises and falls with the undulating sigh of a great expanse. “Owl” teems, crawling with the sounds of heavy breathing and crunching gravel. The whole album is alive with sounds, urgent footsteps and creaking doors, bicycle wheel clicks and rifled cards all nestling themselves between delightful string arrangements –  the album is replete with differing atmospheres, an occasional sense of the unearthly, and both variety and familiarity. The overall mood is one of sombre reflection where overlapping musical ideas collate into a musical feast which inspires deep thinking and contemplation.

The highlight track for me is Mouseclover which shifts through various phases and develops from found sounds into an eerie minimal piece.

C O L L E C T R E S S are:

Quinta (violin, viola, saw, keyboard, vocals),

Caroline Weeks (flute, vocals, guitar, keyboard)

Rebecca Waterworth (‘cello, keyboard, vocals)

Alice Eldridge (‘cello, custom software, field recordings, vocals)

Mondegreen will be available for purchase via the band’s own Peeler Records in March at the following location:http://peelerrecords.bandcamp.com


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