Idle Essays

Christopher Bissonnette

Essays In Idleness


Release: 7 April 2014KRANK187_5x5_300dpi

“Essays in Idleness was born from a desire for a more tactile approach to sound generation. With a limited number of sound sources, the process encouraged more focused examination of the available range of choices.

The album is a series of experiments subsequent to a period of deep reflection on my working process. This sequence of tracks is the culmination of two years of intense exploration with the intention of allowing the medium to have a more profound affect on the outcome, the methodology allowing chance, risk and error to play a greater role.
 Some of the studies focus on a generative process, allowing the composition to build upon itself, while others are constructed from more complex textures and compositional fragments that shift and modulate organically.” – Christopher Bissonnette 

The third album from Canadian composer Christopher Bissonnette sees him expanding his palette by narrowing his sound sources to a self built analog synthesiser. Eschewing the whiplash and/or everything including the kitchen sink style of assembly so common among current analog aficionados, Bissonnette instead applies his signature compositional style of using long held tones and sweeping drones that alternate between, and fuse, pure tonal transcendence and patient, sparkling melodies that slowly reveal themselves.

The Aural Delights View : The discipline used here is fascinating – the use of the patches from one machine, rather than limiting the scope of the music, actually frees the player to explore the minute interactions between the sounds. Lovers of this form ambient sound scape will recognise the usual motifs of the genre – Bissonnette’s use of long sweeps with varying textures, together with the occasional “noise”/glitch/bell patch to break up the contemplative nature of the music creates an interesting dynamic.  Whilst there is nothing particularly different from other proponents of this area of electronic music the attention to detail, the variety,  and the overall mood of the pieces makes for a very enjoyable listen. 


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