I am not King Kong

Taser Puppets

Fuzzy Felt

Cyclotron Records

1st April 2014


I don’t know….you wait ages for a new record lable and then they start turning up like No 13 buses two or three at a time.  First, a few weeks back,  German Shepherd and now Cyclotron Records , which geographically, at least in terms of product, are not that far apart.

The latter, for the moment, is concentrating on the work of Chorley’s Taser Puppets. So we have before us the long awaited “Fuzzy Felt which contains, in its’ artfully designed cardboard cover, five nuggets of TP post-punk pop. Now then dear reader i’ve been living through the various incarnations of these tunes for what seems like an age (but in actuality is only around 12 months) so I know them backwards, forwards and sideways so I think I am well disposed to say that the final product is very well delivered indeed.  And the fact that  I do appear fleetingly saying/ singing/shouting  “get up” amongst a tribe of other ne’er do wells on “The Wrestler” means I do have a vested interest.

And this release comes at the cusp of change with the bass player on this release – Jason Hurley – having now left to form a new band, and being replaced by original bassist “Dancin'” Ste – was it ever so in the world of rock and roll things always changing and evolving.

So we have a fine historical record of the second iteration of the Puppets which contains the danceable pop of “Break Out The Dansette”, the infectious “Information Boom”, the aforementioned “The Wrestler” – a typical Maxwell bitter-sweet tune, and the revelation for me on this release, an exceptional reading of “Leafless In” which is  to my mind is the best thing the Puppets have produced to date. Matters are concluded with an atmospheric reading of  Bowie’s “Five Years” which is full of “Ali Bongo” arch louche-ness.

Cyclotron has also re-released the previous outing “Twisted Pop” which contains four classic Maxwell pop nuggets, and the original single “Misogyny For Wimps” which includes the excellent “Slow Death By Karaoke”.

My only gripe is the staples used in the construction of the sleeve – should have used a Pritt-Stick Shaun!

Apart from that I rather think this is the best Taser Puppets release to date and I suggest you check it out here…..



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