Furiouser and Furiouser………


Smart Husband Resonator Set


5th April 2014


In which a selection of like-minded individuals explore the wonderful world of STAGGS and re-interpret previously released work. For those of you not in the loop STAGGS are MT Scott, The Riddler,  and  Kitsy Chaos.

First up we have the City of Leeds saviours of post-punk – otherwise known as the delightfully wondrous Flies On You –  who transform “Furious Staggs” from the Weird Kids EP  into a manic John Barry-esque experience – albeit John Barry lodged behind a drum machine in an all-night dance party – compelling stuff indeed. I was reminded of “The Persuaders” “The Champions” or “The Protectors” or some other 70s TV show where men wore sharp suits,  women wore exquisitely tailored french gowns, they drove Lamborghini’s and were heading to an early grave due to the huge numbers of Capstan Full Strength they smoked. A scabrous sample of Mr Scott’s voice sits uneasily over the zither like Barry twangs as percussive multiplicity proceeds over mutterings and chitterings. Brilliant.

Next up is Bedroom Legends which is/are Ubertino du (or da  or de –  depending on which quarter of the moon it is)  Casale  (see my Room on the Floor Podcasts for more of his work) and Richard E Stuart  – who take “Staggs Are Nice” and blend in some Jam and William Blake to create a sultry rhythmic confection which hangs between glitchy feathery stuff, more howling from Mr Scott, and resonating synth screams, bubbling basses, constrained sweeps, and other contrapuntal naughtiness. Sexy.

Mave Mills (he of Chumbawamba fame) alters “Ron Was Cool” via a “Sailor’s Knot Mix”  from Weird Kids into a Morricone-esque spaghetti western tumble – the first part of which takes us into a cloud of airy pads which morph into a tasteful vocodering of the original melody. Further, and very clever, transformation of the vocal parts layer through to a gentle percussion section where distant guitar sounds propel a slight melody. A lush and delicious realisation.

DJ Capt Mainwaring (who may happen to be Michael T. Scott of STAGGS) takes the 13th Hour (from Mother Natures Bastard Sons)  and translates it into a “Houston Funeral Mix”. A punchy bass with the original shuffle rhythm dictates the pace as “found sounds”, which transforms the Syd Barrett-like Englishness of the original into something transatlantic and offers a Texan perspective, as a lonely trumpet plays the last post, before offering a little Gallic intervention from the source. The organic development of this track is exceptional, as bit by bit new elements are introduced.  Fascinating.

This is marvellous stuff – the original tunes are pretty damn good in their own right, these re-interpretations are best described as both fun and stunning in respect of invention and delivery.

Around 18 minutes of amazing music, apparently it’s only going to cost you 79p….. so rather than buy that Curly Wurly that’s staring at you from the end of the check out desk at Morrison’s why not invest in this?

I shall be playing the before and after versions on Aural Delights over the next three weeks – the variation and original  of “Ron Was Cool” have already been featured here

No doubt you will be able to purchase is from the STAGGS bandcamp page.





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