A New Place To Begin

Twisted Hand

The Master Tapes

German Shepherd

11th April 2014

Twisted Hand 1982

After languishing on tapes for 32 years German Shepherd have received the OK to release the remaining six tracks from the legendary Twisted Hand recordings. Drummer Mike Leigh (The Fall, Rockin’ Ricky and the Velvet Collars, Pearl Divers, The Blimp, and currently Kill Pretty) got hold of the Master Tapes a couple of years back and took it upon himself to have them converted to digital.

After leaving the Fall in the early 80s Leigh spent some time with long time Fall fan Peter Claughan and his band in recording tracks. Three were released on the Short Strings EP which is still available from German Shepherd in limited edition vinyl (very few left) and digitally here.

So at long last we have the other tracks from the recordings made in Kilmarnock between 1980 and 1982. The sound is unmistakably post-punk with elements of influence coming from Echo and the Bunnymen, Siouxie and the Banshees, Joy Division, and Magazine, what sets this apart from those comparisons however, is Leigh’s trade-mark busy drum style, and Claughan’s excellent world-weary vocals.

Had an astute record lable boss at the time been aware of this band and its’ music i’ve no doubt these would have been snapped up sooner. The writing is superb, the playing great, and still sounds fresh all these years later, and Claughan is in fine form. There is a lot of variety between the six tracks and it is great that these have finally been released to the world at large.

The “mini-album” is released a “Pay What You Want” and anyone wishing to donate will be contributing to Mike Leigh’s costs for the conversion of the original master tapes.


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