Unrooting Transparent Beings……..


The Many Sides of Truth

Xanthros Music
Release: 29 April 2014

TMSoT Blue

New York City-area metal quintet, GREY SKIES FALLEN, is preparing to unveil their mammoth sixth release this Spring, with “The Many Sides of Truth”.

Formed in 1997, GREY SKIES FALLEN has kept a constant flame burning since inception, their brooding and scathing blend of black, death and doom metal continually morphing and evolving. With a revamped lineup since previous releases, the band now prepares to release their most diverse and honed works to date with their sixth official release.

The fourth collection of works the band has recorded with Keith Moore at his Audio Playground in Patchogue, New York, the album packs a wealth of crushing cross-genre metal dynamics into a thirty-eight minute, zero-filler album, as always self-financed by the band directly. While the band’s previous two releases — 2012’s Introspective and 2010’s Along Came Life — were digital-only releases, The Many Sides of Truth will see traditional physical CD and LP pressings. The vinyl release will feature black, colored, splattered, and limited glow-in-the dark versions, and alternate green cover art, with both versions of the cover artwork and layouts having been created by Travis Smith. The album also features the band debuts of guitarist/vocalist Joe Sanci and bassist Tom Anderer.

Rick Habeeb – guitar, vocals
Joe Sanci – guitar, vocals
Tom Anderer – bass
Craig Rossi – keyboards
Sal Gregory – drums

guest musicians:
Joseph Higgins – cello
Audrey Selph – viola
Johnny Grill – vocals

“The Many Sides of Truth”
Recorded between September and December 2013
Mixed and mastered: January 2014
Recorded and mixed at Audio Playground
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Keith Moore
Produced by Grey Skies Fallen and Keith Moore

The Aural Delights View : Unashamedly cinematic, beautifully produced, and, with structures which suggest progressive rock elements, this is a great listen and has sufficient contrast within the content to grab this listeners attention. The band balance elegaic quieter sections with full on rock elements very well indeed. Impressive!


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