Two Types Of Vegetables and Gravy

The Prick Jaggers

The Golden Ass

German Shepherd

Released : 18th April 2014

Album Cover

I don’t normally hand over or share  my reviews with other chaps but in this instance, when I asked the erstwhile  Eon Morse for a brief set of words about this album he came up with a description which I felt needed to be included……

There was something almost clandestine about The Prick Jagger’s , the way they existed outside the conventional systems , rarely playing conventional gigs preferring to play instead in the more intimate setting of someone’s home where as an added bonus they would cook you a meal and partake in the vine with you , very appropriate behaviour for students of Dionysus, the fact that the cd edition of this album corroded and became unplayable after a while , it felt as if it had devoured itself , I was lucky enough to play obsessively my copy of the Golden Ass before it ceased to share it’s pleasures , when you listen you’ll hear why I was so captivated , the music here is brim full of ideas , of wit and wisdom in equal measure , it has an energy that makes me happier with life.

People like lists , so here’s a small list of my favourite ‘ Manchester’ albums in no particular order:

  • 10 cc –  Sheet Music
  • The Fall – Hex Enduction Hour
  • World of Twist – Quality Street
  • Buzzcocks – Times Up
  • The Prick Jaggers  –  The Golden Ass

It is that good!

Listen , buy , tell a friend , let the world now , this album deserves to be ( in terms of sales) the ‘ Tubular Bells’ of the modern age …..

A fascinating perspective, and as someone who has listened to Mr Morse’s views on music in general, and the Manchester scene in particular, I have to say this does mark this album out as something special.

And, you know what, he is completely right. This is another one of those hidden gems of the rich history of Manchester music. On one hand bitingly witty, caustically humorous, and playful, on the other hand heading straight for the jugular to point out the idiosyncratic behaviour of modern Britain. Balancing a pungent approach to electronica, with a slightly alien approach to what was described elsewhere as “country and northern”.

Patriq Gannon and Robert Jones take the anticipated norms of music flip them over and both surprise and delight with the variety of material, the subject matter, and the overall delivery which veers between a concert in your living room and a chat in the pub with your mates with a musical backing. Any album that name checks Stephen Hawking, Lou Reed and Sisyphus is OK by me and demands to be heard. Gannon’s delivery is uniquely northern and special. The whole thing is something special.

And as they say……..

The Prick Jaggers were once the new Olympian bards of rock and roll. They were the voice and promise of the counter culture, they who shat in Hank Marvins shoe. The guys who put three chords into bed with electronic discharge. Who sailed into 2002 and disappeared into a haze of substance abuse. Who emerged to find Shergar! They were written off as has-beens by the summer of 2005, and suddenly shifted gear, releasing their debut album The Golden Ass in March 2006.

Two fallen men stood upright before you. How is it that they came to stand? Such burdens did these men carry on their shoulders! Yet these beacons of the Overman walked on the stage before your purty lickle eyes.

G E Pennyfather’s Recording Artists, The Prick Jaggers.

2001-2008. RIP

Highly recommended…….

Available from German Shepherd……


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