There was an englishman, an irishman and a scotsman…….


Risqué But Not Blue


Released : 21st April


Only a couple of weeks since the excellent remix EP from Staggs and they are back again with a similarly remarkable and marvellous piece of work.

It starts, in usual Staggs style, with a venomous piece of prose about a train journey and some of the old ultra-violence, things mellow out for a sultry tumble through “Stagg Party” which comes across like something Abba might have come up with had they been brought up on a diet of Newcastle Brown and Stoddy Cakes.  “Good Clean Fun” is chittering mass of alt-dance noises and rhythms interspersed pastorally leaning  quiet bits that allow for tension to build and re-build.

The “Perfect Angle” , which I think I have shared with you before,  is another of Scott’s baleful commentaries on the mundane inevitability of middle class existence.

“I-Spy” captures some latent John Barry-esque sounds and wanders around in circular journey of mesmerising repetition and soul-full rhythms and appears to describe a James Bond movie in a parallel universe. Incredibly inventive. Matters close with the lengthy title track, which I have featured on a recent podcast, and it puts the cherry on a very rich confection. An amazing mix of sounds and genres melded into a seamless piece mirrors, but does not ape, John Zorn’s early 8os experiments in composition and form.

The duo’s ability to re-invent electronic music and interject regular aural surprises is well known – however in this case they have surpassed their previous work.

STAGGS as you may well be aware are Michael T Scott and Paul Ridley.

This one also features Kitsy Chaos, Mave Mills, Flies On You, Bedroom Legends, DJ Capt. Mainwaring, Fab Broadway, Rosa Bramley, Mai-Mai Bramley and Jo Frontier……I am sure Mr Scott will enlighten me at some point on those who are in that list I am not aware of.

The Aural Delights View – utterly marvellous, entertaining, thought provoking and in places very funny. Highly recommended.

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