Lost and Found


Lost In You

Emerald & Doreen 

Promo Package

Emerald & Doreen Records follows the journey of a twang. 

A secret meeting in a hotel room. Tension, hot feelings, forbidden desires, intemperance…

That’s the setting.

And the original song by German Trio KLANGLIEBE brings all this together . 

The longing voice of Klangschwester is mirrored by lonesome Fender Rhodes sounds, laments by twang guitars you’ll never forget, and a jazz drum kit that is possibly dreaming of better times. 

KLANGLIEBE consist of Karl Gründer, Himmelblau and Klangschwester. After they musically met for the first time, they decided to become a band. And now they regularly leave their reality work desks (which are allocated all over Germany) to meet in the virtual world of music. It´s very convenient, they never have to pack and lug any equipment for their gatherings and performances.  Beyond the virtual nature of their work a feeling of real connection and liaison has emerged over  time.

coverAs a plus to the great title song, they have created the far distant atmosphere of the downbeat track called “Muggy”, the up-pushing electro techno of “This Piece of Me” as well as the quietly happy jam session “Electrify My Soul”. 

The EP comes with four remixes by several E&D – label mates, all reworking “Lost In You”. Yoshiyuki Ota takes it as a beatless arrangement of abstract, geometric sounds. Charles Bordeaux twists the lonesomeness until there’s a wild party in your brain. Tunnelvision mounts a driving handclapper that is both jazzy and house, while Chromatic Dream thickens the plot by means of a driving electro bassline.

The Aural Delights View : Trip-Hop electronica with a jazzy edge. Quality stuff.

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