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Rose Niland

From Now

German Shepherd

16th May 2014

Rose Niland ep

Rose Niland is a singer-musician-songwriter from Manchester.

Rose Niland’s music reflects her obsession with the production and development of musical ideas in the studio. Her working process involves using a free-flowing ‘stream-of-conciousness’ approach to composing, capturing the freshness of ideas quickly; these captured random moments are chopped up and moulded into songs that Rose brings to life with her spontaneous vocals. Rose’s debut EP,”From Now” is a selection of her songs composed during the last year.

Rose has created a stunning and innovative sound-scape with the four songs in this EP. Mixing traditional musical elements (guitar, bass, drums) with swirling electronica and exceptional multi-layered vocals, this is a breathtakingly good debut. Her approach mirrors to some degree the performance work of Robert Ashley, albeit couched in a dub soaked ambient world. There’s an other worldly quality to her vocals which capture a wide span of emotions and the music weaves seamlessly through the laminal textures of the voices.

Opener “Dominate”, featuring lyrics from Tamra Smith, uses post-rock/punk stylings under a half-whispered rap as Rose colours the sound with vocal improvisation. “Extended” captures a muezzin quality as visceral synth sounds surge around a dub beat – Rose improvises half formed words which remind me of the word play that Phillip Glass and Robert Wilson used on “Einstien On The Beach”. “Greenest Green” is something special indeed – pushed along by an insistent acoustic guitar Rose sings in a unique style and throws in little snippets of laughter in the background – the song evokes the blues, eastern european songs, and chanson all in one heady mixture – almost operatic in its’ complexity. Closer “Love’s Gone Away” builds around a simple bass line through which choir like vocals tastefully interweave, my only concern is that it is far too short. Many kudos to Rose and Mark Corrin for creating a stunning production.

A sensational first offering from a very talented performer.

Rose is planning live gigs to support the release sometime in the summer. Rose is also one of the singers in Una Baines “Poppycock” band.

Rose Niland Album Cover


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