Diversity, Culture and the Lindy Hop

So I just came in from mowing the lawns, and as serendipity would have is I had been listening to John Nathan Turner’s memoirs on the I Pod – where JNT had on several occasions complained bitterly about the moles at the BBC leaking Doctor Who scripts, plots and other such like. I found in my in box a message from the erstwhile Eon Morse asking me to spread the news about the new Kill Pretty video across the interweb – only to find that on examining the old Farcebook that several over excitable young things had already started to share the above. So be it. That is the nature of social media these days.

Anyhow Rick Sarko filmed it, Eon Morse directed it and a gaggle of Manchester/Salford types gathered in Albert Square to frug uncontrollably whilst bemused passers by looked on.

The tune will be on the new album “Bubblegum Now!” which will be released later in the year on Louder Than War records.

The band play at Manchester Cathedral tomorrow night supporting The Fall – which is sold out, and after that gigs in Oldham and Bury have been fixed and one in Manchester in being planned.

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