The Streets of Salford

Various Artists

Salford Streets

German Shepherd Records

1st July 2014

Salford Streets

This is a charity album aimed to raise funds for the new Emmaus Community in Salford. Some time ago I got involved in helping the new community with some promotion and website work and it struck me that if I called in a few favours with some local (and not so local musicians) I might be able to pull together enough tracks to make a decent – and saleable album.

After several months hard work and a lot of cajoling the album is now ready to go – as a digital download – with 35 tracks. The variety of music on show reflects the Salford scene, the wider Manchester musical world, and a number of friends, associates and other ne’er do wells that I have featured on podcasts, seen at gigs, and become friends with – both real and virtual.

The mix of styles reflects what grass roots  music is all about – eschewing the fads and trends of national radio playlists – what we have here is talented, unique and committed musicians and performers – the most of whom do it for love and very little money. So it’s more than gratifying that they have donated these tracks free of charge.

Here’s the political bit – and you will hear me say these words on the title track of the album…..

Homelessness is about more than rooflessness. A home is not just a physical space, it also has a legal and social dimension. A home provides roots, identity, a sense of belonging and a place of emotional wellbeing. Homelessness is about the loss of all of these. It is an isolating and destructive experience and homeless people are some of the most vulnerable and socially excluded in our society.

After years of declining trends, 2010 marked the turning point when all forms of homelessness began to rise. However, it is likely that homelessness will increase yet further, as the delayed effects of the economic downturn, cuts to housing benefit and other reforms all start to bite.

People become and stay homeless for a whole range of complex and overlapping reasons and solving homelessness is about much more than putting a roof over people’s heads. Many homeless people face a number of issues in addition to, but often compounded by, their homelessness. The isolation and destructive nature of homelessness means that homeless people find it difficult to access the help they need.

The charity that will be benefit from the proceeds of this album – Emmaus – seeks to break the cycle of homelessness and worklessness by combining a home with a job. The organisation has been established for a long time, across the world, and in a former life I was part of the team that introduced the idea of having an Emmaus community in the city – so it is very close to my heart. It desperately needs resources to kick off its’ work in Salford. So this album comes at a key time. They are based on Fitzwarren Street in Pendleton, and they are very close to opening. Many volunteers from a wide range of organisations have already spent countless hours converting the building – there are details of this fine work on the local website for Emmaus.

The line up on this release is pretty phenomenal – there are both legends of the local music scene as well as bright young things. There is music from around the UK, and one track from an ex-pat Manc in France. There are brand new previously unreleased exclusive tracks, archive tunes which have never seen the light of day, and fan favourites from bands who have been major part of the gig circuit in recent years.

The music on the album includes rock, punk, pop, electronica, experimental, spoken-word and post-punk – something for everyone.

The album is priced at £3 minimum but we hope people will be generous and pay more – because of the way Bandcamp works around 20% of what people pay will go towards fees to the web host and Paypal – so the more people can donate the better things will be.

And finally here is the roll of honour of the artists who have contributed to this release – we hope, like them you will be generous and support this worthwhile cause.

1. Trigger Happy – Cheers Mate
2. AAAK (As Able As Kane) – Shimmy Shimmy Come On
3. Kill Pretty – Manchester (Early Version)
4. Cinic – Cocaine Revolver
5. Poppycock – Honey Moon
6. Danny Short – Thru With U
7. Crab Dance GIs – Instant Music (Just Add Water)
8. Johann Kloos – In The Clouds
9. Staggs – The Nation’s Favourite
10. Politburo – Kali Madya
11. Taser Puppets – Dim
12. Cryin’ Queerwolf – Less Camp Than Kirk
13. Carl Lingard & Dionne Sandiford – This Life
14. The Junta – Emmaus
15. Monkeys In Love – Hair Transplant
16. Boz Hayward – One More Shut Door
17. Moff Skellington – The testicles of a famous robbers dog
18. Night Operations – Driving Rain
19. Carl Lingard – Waterfall
20. Ubertino De Casale – Oh My God
21. Mistrust – Half Past One
22. The Umbilical Chords – Lone Kimono
23. Gods Gift – Discipline
24. Benefit State – Swingers
25. The Happy Fallen – Open Wide
26. Part Exchange – Attack Decay
27. Modal Roberts – Pompidou
28. Captain Black – The Unrequited
29. Luis Drayton – Die Prettier
30. Space Museum – Ostracised (The Early Mix)
31. Black Light Mutants – Northern Wasteland
32. Factory Acts – Fantasy
33. West Coast Sick Line – She Rasp In Native Tongue
34. DDS – Transmit The Knowledge
35. The Teenage Propshafts – Salford Streets

The album will be available from German Shepherd Records from Midnight 1st July 2014



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