Souls Saved Here


Strength and Conditioning

316 Productions

29th July 2014


Long-running Queens, NYC-based punk/hardcore crossover act, SOS, has completed their fifth full-length album, and are preparing to release Strength And Conditioning this July.

Since the late 1990s, SOS, has expended their energetic and dynamic melodic punk/hardcore/thrash upon locals across the New York City area and beyond, as well as internationally via their own self-released albums. Their sound has continually shifted into more chaotic and rampant directions on record, but has continuously held true to their own identity. Elements of buoyant punk rock and melodic post-hardcore meshed with big leads and solos give way to crushing hardcore with a lunatic edge. Layered backup singing and gang chants jack-up the unhinged lead vocals which virtually defy any genre categorization alone. The raging but cohesive end product is always a unique listen, on everything the band has released, including their 1999 debut, SOS, The Mob and The Limo Love Scam, 2001’s Adios Bandito, 2005’s A Guide To Better Living, and most recent album, 2008’s Adult Situations, all of which were independently released on CD and digital via the band’s 316 Productions, and are available for free download at their Bandcamp page.

The album a nearly forty-eight minute excursion into rambunctiousness and barrier-free musical chaos. Recorded and mixed by Travis Harrison at Serious Business Studios, mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music and featuring artwork from Louis Campagna from LRC Graphics, the fourteen-track Strength And Conditioning closes SOS’ six-year gap since their last album with more action-packed whacko hardcore mayhem than ever.

A glorious racket, totally unhinged, highly recommended.

David DeCanio – bass
Nick Pursche – guitars
Mike SOS – guitars/vocals
Brett Thompson – drums

sos band pic nyc marathon

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