A persistent smile…….

When All This Was Fields

Volume One


Out Now

Well this cheered me up on a damp Friday afternoon in July whilst waiting for the football to start. In fact i’m grinning from ear to ear sitting here listening to it.

And how good to hear from James Stone (he of Soul Saboteur, The Loaded Dice etc) with news of a couple of new projects. The first of which is this collaboration with Jason Griffiths called When All This Was Fields.

I’ve always been particularly fond of Mr Stone’s voice and I am pleased to report he is still in fine form. The fruits of their labour is an EP called “Volume One”.

There are four tracks which can be found at the duo’s Soundcloud page. Here is strand out track “Shades of Red”, but I do encourage you to check out the rest as they are quite exceptional.

Stone’s blue eyed soul is complimented with impressive string sounds, and bright arrangements which carry melodic tunes – instantly memorable and had me reaching for the repeat button. Imagine Van Morrison singing over a Joe Boyd arrangement for a Nick Drake album and you are getting somewhere close to the sound.

The insanely catchy opening track “That’s Not Me” is a stunner.

It’s high time that Stone’s voice was given a much wider audience and hopefully this collaboration will gain some plaudits and attention.

The E.P. was recorded at West Orange Recording Studio by Alan Gregson.

The other project is a band called “Porter’s Forces” – more on them once the material is sent through.

I strongly suggest you check this out.


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