Heart felt emotion

The Shaker Hymn

Rascal’s Antique

Heavy Noids

Out Now

Shaker Hymn

The Shaker Hymn is a young four piece alternative rock band from Cork, Eire.

Their debut album is rather good indeed. Melodically strong, well written, and, and a lead vocalist in Caoilian Sherlock  who can hold a tune and deliver it with a fascinating  mixture of nonchalance and heart felt emotion. The great thing about this band is that they are not immediately comparable with what is hip at the moment – they have a unique alt.rock feel which does not immediately bore, like so many bands tagged with that epithet. There’s an assuredness in these performances which belies their youthfulness and for a first outing it is remarkably good. Not only in sound, but in sensibility and song-craft, I am reminded of the best of The Go-Betweens and The Triffids- strong praise indeed! I can’t find a bad song in the ten tunes on the album.

Many thanks to James Scanlon for bringing this to my attention.

I highly recommend this album and suggest you have a listen to it. A strong contender for album of the year.





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