Sludge, Doom and Ghosts

On their recent South West US trek, Tucson-based sludge metal band,  Godhunter and Oakland’s cinematic doom outfit, Secrets of the Sky, were selling a limited-to-100 copies, tour-only, cassette-edition of a new split release between both acts. On this combined effort, entitled GH/0ST:S, both bands supply brand new material, showcasing even further experimentation into each of their respective crafts, with forty minutes of material, including a crushing new opus from each band, as well as a haunting, thematic accompaniment bearing the ghosts theme.


Through a joint effort between Battleground Records and THE COMPOUND, GH/0ST:S will see a vinyl release on September 9th via a deluxe LP version. This will include an 180-gram black/white vinyl swirl edition — limited to three-hundred copies, each including a digital download coupon.

With respect to previous material by the two bands:

  • Released in February 2014, then issued in a deluxe vinyl edition in May, the fifty-minute dust storm of sludge metal intensity Godhunter’s debut LP City Of Dust delivers is the most concise, diverse, and infectious hymns from the politically-motivated outfit to date. Through a brutally honest outcry the album boasts thought-provoking, thematic tirades against the governments/parties responsible for a wide array of vital societal issues. Released through a union of Earsplit’s label, The Compound, and GODHUNTER’s Battleground Records, City Of Dust is available in a deluxe 180-gram clear vinyl with rose splatter, poly-bagged with a black poly-lined sleeve and full-color 12”x24” lyric/liner sheet, as well as eco-friendly digipak. The album was featured on Sonic Attack 37.
  • Italian label, Kolony Records, released Secret of the Sky’s debut full-length, To Sail Black Waters, in October 2013, fusing progressive elements into their crushing doom metal approach. Three of the band’s six members each contribute with multiple instruments, layering synth/keys, violins and an array of vocal styles atop the crushing rhythm section and massive triple guitar attack, resulting in a dense and stunning forty-one minute opus recorded at Trident Studios with engineer/producer Juan Urteaga (Testament, Machine Head, Cattle Decapitation). The album appeared on many best of 2013 lists.

This latest release is excellent combining the intensity of riff battering metal marching with more ambient and considered sections. Most enjoyable.

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