Festival Fever Five

It is September and around here that can only mean one thing for discerning music lovers – the Salford Music Festival.

Now in its’ fifth year the organisers have once again served up an amazing cocktail of venues and acts over the four nights.  As is customary here is my day to day guide of events with some tips on who to check out. As usual I recommend you check the Salford Music Festival Website on the day as events, locations and line-ups can change. No doubt also this blog post will change over the next week so keep checking back. My recommended gig of the day is highlighted in BOLD

All gigs are free except where marked.


THURSDAY  25th September

Highlight of the opening night is the debut gig  of electro wizard The Junta at Wangies. The alter ego of Salford City Radio DJ and Kit B bassist John “Monty” Montague serves up a heady brew of Kraftwerk inspired motorik beats mashed up with a variety of electronica influenced via Depeche Mode, OMD and New Order.

  • Ashley Brook, Langworthy – The Jane and Mike Band , Boz Hayward, Y Key Operators
  • Eagle Inn, Blackfriars – Mr Heart As Able As Kane
  • The Blind Pig, Monton – Martin Plock, Kate Ashton-Butler
  • The Blue Bell, Monton – Beth Hewitt, The Atmospherics
  • The Crescent, Chapel Street – BeatsAllDay, My Igloo, morning pilgrims, Urban Empire
  • The Hope, Claremont – Samantha Seth, Northern Sugar, Explicit
  • The Park, Monton – Ged Wilson, Old House Playground, Dead Dianas
  • The Salford Arms, Chapel Street –  Seeking Sighs, Matt Hartless & The Matchstick Ghosts
  • The Wellington, Irlam o’th Height  – Avishek Choudhury,  Jay Deane, Jules Benji
  • Waggon and Horses, Irlam o’th Height – Sayed, Johnny Travis AKA Scuttler, Liam McClair
  • Wangies, Eccles – Mutha Luvin Chimps, The Junta, Ronin


FRIDAY 26th September

The return of Carl Lingard’s Pearl Divers is well worth checking out at the Ashley Brook but the must see combination of the night is the heady brew of Chorley’s Taser Puppets, Salford’s dark wave pioneers Factory Acts, the neo-psych of Weirds and post-punk agit-prop from The Giro-Babies. Also recommended is the very strong line-up at Wangies with Danielle Carter’s Blue Zen kicking things off.

  • Ashley Brook, Langworthy – Carl Lingard
  • Duke of York, Eccles – Arcane Flx, Rum Thief
  • Eagle Inn, Blackfriars – Gorilla Riot
  • Playfoots, Monton – Rum Thief, DJ Meza, DJ Mky Mk
  • The Blind Pig, Monton – Roz Francis, Sayed, Palumbo and Volpe
  • The Blue Bell , Monton –  The Chief of Seattle
  • The Crescent, Chapel Street – Taser Puppets, Factory Acts, Weirds, Giro Babies
  • The Dockyard, Salford Quays – Palumbo and Volpe, Jess Roberts, Lisbon, LVLS, Priestley
  • The Hope, Claremont – Maisetto
  • The Park, Monton – Scott Lloyd, Dave’s Rockin Train, James Holt
  • The Roadhouse, Manchester – Thunderous Jones, The Rubys
  • The Salford Arms, Chapel Street – Alfie Eastwick, April Keen & Band, Inego
  • The Weaste, Weaste – Johnny Travis AKA Scuttler
  • The Wellington,Irlam o’th Height  – Karl Walsh
  • Waggon and Horses,  Irlam o’th Height- Sam Moran, Gaz Bailey, Jake Heard
  • Wangies, Eccles – Blue Zen, Franks Wild Years, Deaf FM, Sky Valley Mistress


SATURDAY 27th September

Gig of the day is The Fall , back in the irwell valley at the Lower Kersal Social Club. Mark E Smith and co are supported by exceptional prog-nouveau from Eccles’ own Trojan Horse and power-punk from Benefit State

  • Ashley Brook – Matt Friars, Duke and the Darlings, The People
  • Duke of York, Eccles – Little Rach, Sound Marshalls, Jess Kemp, Dirty No 5
  • Lower Kersal Social Club, Lower Kersal – Benefit State, Trojan Horse, The Fall (ticketed)
  • Pacifica Cantonese, Eccles – VIP Dance Party – Exclusive DJ sets from Tony Ross (Kaos leeds warehouse, Glastonbury, festival No6), Marc Heath -(Education, Zoo, Wobble), DJ Meza -( Decadence – Gatecrasher) Robin Smith (Caramello) (ticketed)
  • Playfoots, Monton – WellNorthofWatford,  Caoilfhionn Rose, Jamie Bosanko, DJYan
  • The Blind Pig, Monton – Lee Parry, Caoilfhionn Rose,
  • The Blue Bell, Monton – We Signal Fire, Paul Hegley Band, Kassoma
  • The Crescent, Chapel Street – Czech, The Backhanders, Death to the Strange, Creek
  • The Dockyard, Salford Quays – Shauna Mackin, Gallery Circus, King Kartel
  • The Hope, Claremont – Belvadere, Rime Suspex, Tigerside, Kazo ( Formerly The Ordinary)
  • The Park, Monton – Red Light Effect, Smashing Lads, The Calamities
  • The Salford Arms, Chapel Street – Bella Loka, Lil Sharls, Paul Hegley Band
  • The Weaste, Weaste – Sam Westhead and Band
  • The Wellington,  Irlam o’th Height- James Holt, The Stirs, Fishing For Compliments
  • Waggon and Horses,  Irlam o’th Height- Afrotree, Eleanor Nelly
  • Wangies, Eccles – Ed Stones & The BD3, Red Eyed Jedi, Faster Than Bulls

SUNDAY 28th September

Gig of the day again is The Fall with an all dayer at Lower Kersal Social Club from 3:30pm and the headliners on at 8pm. Guests at this one are still to be announced.

  • Duke of York, Eccles – Skyeladder, Empire Signals, Rising Tides
  • Lower Kersal Social Club, Lower Kersal – All Dayer from 3:30pm – The Fall and Guests (ticketed)
  • Playfoots, Monton – Benjamin Birkinshaw
  • The Blind Pig, Monton – Troubadour
  • The Crescent, Chapel Street – Government Death Epidemic, Friend Of A Friend, Coach Jeets, Jordan Allen, Busik Mase
  • The Park, Monton – Acoustic John, Venture, Troubadour
  • The Salford Arms, Chapel Street – Fishing For Compliments, R.Y.A.N
  • The Wellington, Irlam o’th Height –  XMenBTeam, The Folkestra
  • Waggon and Horses, Irlam o’th Height – As You Like It, Mark Daynes
  • Wangies, Eccles – Pelico, Nathan Barratt & His Mates, Lauren Housley



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