Brighton based Morning Smoke have been keeping very busy this summer by performing at variety of shows and festivals including The Great Escape, supporting Joel Gion and recording new material.

 The four-piece, who are all still under 20 years old, have only been playing together as a band for one year. They have, however, already caught the attention of  the inkie press and been played on national radio.

Milo, Max, Isaac and Chris are ready to release their double-a single called Hunger and Stephanie I.  They have  been compared to Sonic Youth, Joy Division and Interpol,  but they sound a bit like the Bunnymen to me with a slight echo of “The League of Baldheaded Men” in one of the riffs in the tune above.

Milo’s vocal impact is somewhat lessened by the huge wave of reverb, and to some degree I was reminded of the doomed WULYF,  but this lot are better than them and the other material on their soundcloud page is well worth a listen and I think it’s actually better than the single.

The  double-A single will be available for sale and download on 1st December 2014.




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