Intergalactic Departure Lounge Music

Since forming in 2006, Oakland, California’s  Lumerians have gained notoriety for their intense performances, stunning live visuals and thematic otherworldly releases. Their latest release, which was recorded during exploratory sessions in their own studio, is called Transmissions from Telos Vol III and is released by Cardinal Fuzz on November 17th.

Through this release Lumerians acknowledge the role sound and rhythm have always played in transcendent and ecstatic rituals the world over, from the repetitive drums of tribal animists to the penetrating electronic pulses of neon lit dance clubs. They take those principles and translate them into moody, hypnotic, pieces which move between Sun Ra leaning jazz, via Krautrock, into areas of psychedelia. The four pieces on the album, clocking in at just over 36 minutes,  demonstrate a band at the top of their game. Trademark surging keyboard sounds create a bed, as percussion, bass and guitar move in an entrancing  circular fashion, creating a hybrid of west coast jamming, serial repetition, lightly tinged with dub sensibilities.

There will be a limited vinyl release and hand made CD versions and they are available for pre-order here.

For lovers of space rock, jazz-rock, psych and free form jamming – highly recommended.


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