Southern Electrikk Change

It’s a good job I keep a fairly comprehensive record of the music that comes in or else I would be utterly confused.

In today is a new one from The New Southern Electrikk who are being touted around as the next big thing by various luminaries. The piece on offer is a cover of The Gun Clubs‘ “Mother of Earth”, originally from the 1982 Miami release. Whilst the original was straightforward “tex-mex” country rock with a touch of blues, the new reading comes over all motorik Wooden Shjips with post-punk Hanley bass and a touch of Suicide keyboard nestling under the mix. Nice enough, but I think I need to listen to the bands own stuff to derive a reasonable opinion on their abilities. Monica Ward’s voice has always been well worth a listen though, and, she handles the daunting task of delivering Jeffrey Lee’s words with ease.

Why the confusion expressed in the opening comments you ask? Well up until recently there was a band called Mary Joanna and the Southern Electrikk but they split up  a few weeks back. Stephen Evans (ZX+, The Planets, Twisted Wheel) and Mary Joanna Coogan are continuing as I understand it in a different setting.  The drummer in said split band was  of course Spencer Birtwistle which allows me an opportunity to slip a Fall connection somewhat surreptitiously into the discussion.

The “new” version of Southern Electrikk features, alongside Monica,  the core of the old band – Rikki Turner on keys, Steven Tatji on bass,  Zack Davies  on guitar and a new drummer Jim Correy. Turner and Tatji were in the Paris Angels.

The new band enter the studio to record a double A side single at the end of the month, with work beginning on a debut album in the new year. Apparently Evan Dando likes them, but don’t let put you off.

I’ll be featuring the new version against The Gun Club original on next weeks Aural Delights Podcast so you can draw your own conclusions…..

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