With a sound entrenched in a reverence for ‘70s psychedelia and punk, and innumerable contemporary acts without ever feeling like a proverbial retrogression, Wizard Rifle aim to transcend boundaries beyond reference points and obvious nods to rock idols. All that being said , they have been likened to King Crimson, Lightning Bolt, High On Fire, Misfits, Karp, Melvins, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, Sleep and so many others. A motley collection of disparate styles/genres.


In 2012 the band released their debut LP on the Seventh Rule lable Speak Loud Say Nothing to critical acclaim. They honed their live sound on several US and Canadian tours, sharing the stage with the likes of Yob, Church Of Misery, Black Cobra, Arabrot, Rabbits and Witch Mountain. Last year, the band relocated from Portland to Los Angeles, and immediately started work on the delightfully riff-encased bruiser that is Here In The Deadlights.


The album is available on CD and limited red-inside-deep purple colored vinyl via Seventh Rule Recordings.

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